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Alexia Lovin'

When I first saw an Alexia scarf, it was love at first sight! I have never seen such unique, trendy and chic scarves to say the least. And when I finally saw their website, I went insane! I want to buy almost everything! hahaha. 

Scarf is a necessity especially if you live in a country which is cold almost the whole year round (sometimes even in summer!). A scarf adds flare to your whole outfit. I think even if you have plain white top and jeans, a fab scarf will make the big difference and the wow factor. It will make or break you. During autumn/winter time because you wear your scarf and coat more so a pretty, sparkly or unique scarves won't make not only your outfit but also your aura as gloomy as the weather/season. I always have this motto: "If you look good, you feel good."

So here are the gorgeous scarves from Alexia:




So basically these are all the scarves I want to have! :p wishful thinking. I really love the unique designs and they created such nice details and they are hand made! With all the nice beading, gems and even  cute chains. And I promise you they look better in person! This is really my kind of style! So sad I can't find this brand anywhere near my place in Gent and I don't think I can buy them online because they only accept credit card :( So I really hope more shops sell this product here in Belgium. Pretty please!

For their website:
* Pictures used on this blog are from this website 

Okay, that's it for now. I hope you like reading my blogs :) If you happen to know any pretty scarves as these, let me know! :)





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