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Nail Polish Love

I never loved or used nail polishes before not until college when a friend of mine introduced it to me because when I was young I was really traumatized how painful it was when my mom let me try it when I was 10 years old. It was so painful when the lady was cleaning my nail. And my thinking before was that nail polish is for old people like when you are a mom already and it was funny that I even sweared to my friend that I will never get my nails painted again. Never say never, indeed! 

My love for it started with my friends and when I was in europe just tried more colors and now I have my mini collection. It's not that many but I think it's enough for me now. Sometimes when you don't do anything or bored it's nice to pass the time with just doing your nails or during special occasions. Some people maybe want to color their nails to fit their outfit but I'm too lazy to do that. I change color maybe every other week as long as I have time and when it's looking nasty already or when the nails have grown.

I have various colors from light to dark and so here they are...

First are my new and first sparkly or with special effect nail toppers.

from left: Essence 12 holo topping, please!; 08 night in vegas; Etos effect nails; Essence colour & go; 02 Circus confetti

When I saw them I'm just fascinated and really loved it! I never thought I will be inlove with sparkly nail polishes but when I saw someone in youtube who had collections of this kind I went to kruidvat and saw cheap versions of it. It's from Essence brand, they range from 1.83-1.99 so less than 2 euro each! Not bad right? I just want to buy cheap ones because I may not use them as much and I can buy a lot also from this price so it's a good deal for me. And the one from etos is a gift given to me 2 years ago for Sinterklaas.

 And now my light shades and nudes

a. Catrice's  480 Miss Piggy Reloaded b. Essie's 40 Demeure Vixen c. Catrice's 010 Dance like A Prima Ballerina e. 060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back

I have lot's of catrice nail polish because they are cheap and they have a lot of nice colors to choose from and I just kept on buying from this brand from then on. The downside is it doesn't stay long. I noticed it damages after 3 days so if you are so lazy to change colors of your nails every week this is not for you. But I still like especially the nude colors from them because I think it stays long better than the dark ones. The Catrice's Miss Piggy Reloaded color I don't really like it for me because it doesn't fit my color. I think it's nicer for white people than for medium to dark skinned people. The  Essie's 40 Demeure Vixen is what I bought for my wedding (yes! I'm married) because it matched my dress and my husband loves it so this is really a nice shade. The Catrice's 010 Dance Like a Prima Ballerina and 060 Mona Lisa is Staring back aside from their very nice and unique name, I like them very much if I just want a very subtle or nude color for my toe nails. They are really perfect for that effect! My toes really looks so pretty with them! Oops sorry for the letter e it should be d! :p

Next are for my french tip effect

a. Essie's 13 Mademoiselle b. 3 Marshmallow c. Essie's No chips ahead coat

One day I just thought of trying french tip because I really wanted on my wedding day to have my nails done like this but the lady in the nail salon said that my nails were too short. Out of frustration I decided to grew my nails and bought them. It was not an easy thing to do! I think I did it for like 4 hours and the result was not good unlike if you ask someone to do it for you but I think with practice I can be able to master it hopefully and it's better to have special brush for it I think like one in Bourjois Paris is selling that might help me in making that perfect french tip! The Essie's No chips ahead coat is what I use also as the top coat everytime and it's excellent! Essie nail polishes last longer than Catrice and really a excellent and good quality product but very expensive so I can't really splurge on this brand because it's not practical but from now on I would really buy from this brand. I just let others to be finished up first before buying again for new colors.

Now my dark colored nail polishes

a. Catrice's 060 Bloody Mary to Go b. Catrice's 360 Raspberry Fields Forever c. Catrice's 790 The Pinky and the Brain e. Dior's Vernis 943

Oh God, I did it again with letter e! what's wrong with me today? Anyways, here are more of my Catrice polishes. I love the vibrant colors they have especially the red shades. Although they don't last long in my finger nails especially if I wash my hands all the time, do the dishes or hand wash some of my clothes they really falls off so easily but not in my toenails they pretty last long there but if I wear a bit tight shoes then I noticed it can be damaged also on the tip part so that's a bit the cons of this brand. But this Dior Vernis is really excellent! No matter I wash my hands or even hand washing it stays as it is perfectly no damage at all and also with my toenails even the tight shoes didn't damage a thing! Excellent brand but very expensive but I think you pay really for the quality of this. But yeah, I don't think I will spend € 25 euro on just one nail polish so maybe if there will be a special occasion. This is really excellent!

I'm still curious of O.P.I brand because I saw they have effects like zebra pattern with their product. I might try that also soon and will let you know also if it's really nice. And I think it's really a good quality brand.

So here is my sparkly hand when I tried it with Essie's 40 Demeure Vixen and one of the Essence nail art special effects 12 holo topping please! shade and it's perfect! I'm really into sparkly nails now so I'm gonna wear them whole year round I think. It's just so girly and it makes your nails really stands out and pretty .Try it you might love it too!

And my fave nail polish remover is

I highly recommend this from Yves Rocher because it's not foul and strong smelling unlike the ones I've been using before or we are used to. Very gentle and smells so good for me! and works really good and effective!

Thank you for reading my blog :) and I hope you all have a great day and had a nice time reading this.

Be and stay beautiful all the time. When you feel good, you look good.


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