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Etude House Lash Perm Proof Mascara (Washable) Review

My mascara was almost dried up so I decided to buy a new one but instead buying my usual fave mascara from MISSHA and A'pieu, I decided to try something new and chose a mascara from Etude house. I used to love Etude alot especially when I was still in college. I was so fascinated with their store everytime I went in. It was just a heaven for me that time with all the pink and girly things inside. I did love their lipstick and I still use a tool I bought from them until now for my eyelashes and that was from 2009! 

So back with this mascara. I saw Kim Dao raving an Etude house mascara. I could not find the exact one she was talking about in yesstyle but I think it was a Lash Perm sort as well so I opted for this one instead because it has a lot of good reviews. 

So this is the Etude House Lash Perm Proof  Mascara (Washable). I wanted something that I can wash off easily because I was afraid I would really have a hard time removing waterproof mascaras. So I thought this might be a great alternative to the popular waterproof mascaras from Japan that are good but they said a pain to remove. But I would still want to try mascaras from Japan and I have one on the way so I can't wait for that as well.

The description that yesstyle's website provided about this product is below:

"Volumizing mascara pumps up and adds to the sparsest of lashes for a lush and glamorous fringe with every application. Triple-coated film Provides superb definition and weightless volume with only a few careful swipes. Long-lasting, waterproof formula ensures that mascara stays put on lashes without straying or smudging, giving you fabulous lashes all day and night long. Lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down. Strong at tear, sweat and sebum."

This is how the product looks and the box. This is why I love Etude for because of the cute details of their products. I just love how girly and fun their products and stores are.

The packaging: 5/5 I love the packaging of this although all of the etude house products are really cute and the attention for details are on point. A very light packaging and the box is so pretty as well. It reminds me of Baroque style design which is so pretty to look at. So a big thumbs up to Etude house for that! I'm always mesmerized with their packaging.

The wand: 3/5 I don't like this kind of wand. It's hard to apply especially the lower lashes. I prefer straight kind of wands but I still went for it since alot of people raved about it and it might change my mind about this kind of wand but it didn't unfortunately so I will still avoid this kind of wands.

This is how it looks every after application. A mess! My deal breaker for this mascara.

Formula/Overall performance: 1/5 I hate this mascara! How messy and annoying it is. And when it is smudged under my eyes (all the time! I kid you not), this is the most annoying part for me because it is hard to remove it without ruining my makeup. So I should be careful not to blink while looking down or when I just applied it which is a struggle itself or this will happen. This never happened to me with my trusted MISSHA mascara and that frustrates me because that was so cheap compared to this. Plus the formula and consistency of this is so wet and I feel like it does not dry down at all. It weighs down my lashes that's why the curls won't stay because it is so wet and heavy. It does not give volume, it lengthens a bit but in a messy way. So save your money and buy something else. I will finish this but won't be purchasing any mascara from Etude house anymore because I also didn't like a mascara I ordered from them before. I try to wipe a lot of products from the wand before applying but it takes time and it does not help much as well. So I really regret buying this product. It's sad because I loved alot of their products but this and a brow gel I've tried before is a big NO NO to me. 

What is your favorite mascara? Any recommendations?


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