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Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint Review

Pony Effect is one of my favorite brands that I've tried so far. Not only they have very attractive looking products but they have superior quality as well. I really loved her cushion foundation which is the PONY EFFECT Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation (Sand) that I reviewed here.

If you don't know Pony, she is a Korean makeup artist that became a youtube sensation. I knew her way before when she didn't have her own channel yet. I enjoyed watching her tutorials before and learned a lot from her tips. Like other youtube gurus/stars she came out with her own brand. She collaborated with Memebox to make her own makeup line. 

This is how the box and the packaging looks like. They look very elegant for me and luxurious. Not the typical cutesy packaging that you see mostly with Korean brands. I appreciate how she thought about her packaging and the design is right up my alley. It is heavier than the normal plastic packaging you get from most of the lip products. I just love the simplicity and elegance of her packaging and the rose gold and navy blue combo is perfection. 

I only got 3 colors to test them out if I would like them and these were the colors that I was drawn most. They are now €9.25 each at yesstyle but I got them less than €6 when it was on sale that time. Mostly yesstyle gives a lot of discount per brand or other promos they have so just watch out for it.

I got the shades:
#Due Respect - a light peachy shade which is too light for my skintone. 
#Sheer Delight - a caramel pink kind of shade which is perfect for everyday wear.
#Fatal Allure - a light red that I thought it would not suit me but I really like it on my lips.

I first saw the #Sheer Delight picture posted on instagram when it was just out I think and I fell in love with the color, that's why when it was on sale I immediately ordered.  
So this is how the wand looks like. It's long, thin and soft which is a bad or good thing. I'm not used to it and it takes more time and effort to apply the product for me. I personally don't like this kind of wand because it takes longer to apply a product since it is too flimsy.

Here are my swatches

Overall, I really love these lip stains. They make my lips look so juicy which I love. They are hydrating on the lips and comfortable to wear (not sticky at all!). I've mainly used them at work so until I go on break, they still look the same when I just applied them unlike the Essence Colour Up! Shine on Lipsticks that they fade after 2 hours and they are not shiny anymore. But with this, it is pretty long lasting to me. My favorite is the #Sheer Delight because I can pair it with any makeup look and it is just a pretty everyday color for all year round.

To see them on my lips please watch my review on my channel down below.


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