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3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot Review

I have been loving cream blushers lately that's why I decided to finally get these blushers from 3CE. They have been out for a year or more now but I was not interested to them at first. I was more into powder blushers but recently, I just realized that I want to try more cream products since I have dry skin and I think I would benefit more from them when it is winter time since my skin can be so dehydrated when it's starting to get cold. I also did enjoy them during the hotter days so I can definitely use them all year round.


What it is:

A 3-in-1 formula for your lips, cheeks and eyes to customise your makeup looks.

What it does:

The highly pigmented formula delivers vivid colours for a brightening effect on your lips, cheeks and eyes. Arabian cotton, fermented vitamin tree and shea butter provide skin protection and nourishment with a barely-there feel. Control the intensity of the colour you apply, building layers to achieve your desired look.

I only chose these two shades since they are a bit pricey so I can't buy them all. These are the shades that are very popular and I think I would like most. I have already a lot of cream blushers as well that's why I don't need repeats with shades that I already have because it takes long to finish cream products, I noticed. They offer 7 shades from this line, from bright orange, pink, red to dark plum kind of shades. There is a color for everybody. 

The packaging of this is really pretty. I thought I would not like it in person since they put someone's face on it which I don't normally like. But when I got it, it looks really elegant almost. I love the gold details, it does not feel and look cheap at all. It has also a mirror inside which is handy. Everytime I use it, I always find it very chic kind of product. 

Pictures Using Diotoma On My Cheeks and Lips (+ Sunnies Face Fluffmate Lipstick in Casual)
a soft and warm beige with a drop of juicy apricot

3ce Take A Layer Multi Pot #diotima - $22.00

from: Stylenanda

This was the shade I was excited about since I love this kind of tones for my blush. And with all the swatches I found, this really stood out to me. In person it is lighter than what I expected. It won't work as a lipstick for me because it would be too light. But as a blush, it works great. It is indeed like an apricot shade. This would be perfect for summer time because it has more orange undertone and normally I wear this kind of shades during summer time.

The formula of this is so amazing! I didn't expect that it would be as smooth as this, it's almost like a dry mousse kind of feeling. It is very opaque as well. This is the best formula of all the cream blushers I have tried. Not wet feeling rather matte, soft, creamy and long lasting. It really blew my mind when I first tried it. Now, I know the hype about this because it is that good!

Pictures Using Cabbage Rose On My Cheeks and Lips
Cabbage Rose
an understated deep rose hue

3ce Take A Layer Multi Pot #cabbage Rose

from: Stylenanda

This was always out of stock whenever I tried ordering it so this could be the best seller. I can understand why because a lot of people would really go for this shade. I thought this would be more of a mauve shade because of the swatches I saw online. I did love all the swatches I saw so I know this is the second shade I want to have.

In person, this does not look mauve to me compared to the swatches online. It is indeed a deep rose/pink shade. This is VERY opaque so a little goes a long way. It almost looks red on my cheeks which is a bit disappointing. But on the lips like the pics I posted above, it looks like a MLBB shade for me. So I would use this more as a lip product than a blush. 

For My Verdict

Formula, Longevity and Performance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Excellent! The best cream blush I have tried so far. So longlasting, smooth, creamy yet matte. It is just very unique out there! I thought this would feel more like a lipstick that they put in a cream blush packaging and marketed as a cream blush but it is not. 

I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a fool proof cream blush. It works on any base make up products I used even after I set my face with powder. It is just a great quality product and you get a lot as well. You can really use it as a multi tasking product although I didn't use it on my eyes but you could certainly use it for that as well. But it might crease that's why I never use cream products on my eyes because I hate it when it creases. A perfect product for monochromatic look that I'm sure you will not regret getting and you would enjoy so much wearing.

You can also buy them here:
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3CE - Take A Layer Multi Pot (7 Colors) Cabbage Rose - $20.81

Retail Price: $21.90
You Save: $1.09

from: Silicon2

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