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Holidays Fave Buys

It's a bit late to post this but I still want to share it anyway :) It took me 7 hours in the shopping street in Antwerp to find the perfect black dress and shoes for the holidays. And happily I found them, although it was something I really didn't envision I will buy but I'm very satisfied. Sparkling things were in for this season because I see them every shops I've been to and I didn't really like sparkling things especially clothes/shoes before but as we age and due to fashion trends of course our mind and taste will change as long as your comfortable wearing it and most importantly it suits you, it's for the GO!

What I practice is that when I buy I should look first for the clothes before the shoes so that it will be easier to find a match for it ( do you agree?) but what happened to me because it was so hard to find the dress I bought the shoes first instead but I still found the right match so maybe it doesn't matter after all. ;)

As I was looking around for a dress in the Pull and Bear shop I saw this beautiful and sparkly shoes and it was love at first sight! Perfect shoes for the occasion and without heels so plus for me! Because it's hard to find a doll shoes type that is a bit formal so I'm very happy. I'm not really a fan of heels aside from I can't walk with it, it's also uncomfortable and I can't last with it.hahaha. Yes yes I need to learn but not now. ;p They say stilettos makes you feel sexier and confident but there will be a time that I will really want it I guess but not for now. Anyways, this pair is so comfortable and I really like how it looks and made of so two thumbs up! :)

The The dress, I was already eyeing for it since I saw it but my principle in shopping is look all the shops I like first before buying it or else I might see a better one and regret it but sometimes I break this principle.hehehe. So this dress is from Divided by H&M and it's really simple and classy for me. And the fabric is so nice and surprisingly it sparkles too :)

I also wore a black matt 80 den tights from C&A to match the two and a very cute black ribbon earrings with stones also from six and viola I've got a decent wardrobe and look :)

That's it for now :) Too bad I don't have a picture wearing it but maybe next time. Okay, Until next blog.



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