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Diergaarde Blijdorp

Yes, I’m 23 years old and it was my first time to go to a ZOO. Such a pity huh? But it’s better late than never. hehehe. This is a humongous zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands. You can check their website: :)
It was great to see animal species I haven’t seen in my entire life. It was exciting to see a polar bear in person and they are sooo cute!
I think it will take you half day to tour around the zoo and there are different sections for animals from different places around the globe. Sad thing I can’t understand the explanations because it was all in Dutch. The flamingos are also really pretty in person. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take pictures with them. :(
I was really amazed how they keep and preserve animals here. Well kept and organized. You can really see the animals feel at home and have plenty of spaces to roam around and enjoy life. I just wish this is the kind of zoos the kids in the Philippines can see during their field trips because kids will really appreciate, learn and love zoo more.

Fortunate enough, there’s a huge oceanarium here too which I wasn’t able to go to in Manila. I will always be a kid at heart and I really felt a fulfilled kid when I was there. ;D

It was truly a memorable experience and I saw a Zeppelin(airship) also on our way out. Fun fun fun day! :)


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