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Sailing trip to the Island of Pampus

Since I arrived in Netherlands this was the very first blog I made after I left the Philippines. It was also the first event I attended during my stay in Holland last June 27, 2010.

A very sunny day it was, good thing I arrived just in time with the Summer season there that’s why the weather felt like home. It was nerve wracking because it was supposed to be my first time to ride the train alone but luckily, I met a very nice South African lady who was going to the said event also so we went together to the assembly place.

Met  Ariene again, new found Thai friends who looks like Filipinas also and Genevieve the South African lady.

As we arrived at Pampus it was like Intramuros and very cold inside. We had a tour guide and was not quite pleased with the noise of the other girls because not everyone was listening to her. A very nice view surrounded the whole island and a very interesting story behind it also. To know more about this island you can visit their website at

It was really a cool and memorable experience to me and that was my gift from my hosts for my 23rd birthday as well. Glad to know other girls also that until now I’m in contact with. You should never miss this place when you go to Netherlands. It’s worth your time and money! 

P.S. This blog was originally from my tumblr account dated December 12, 2010 but I want to transfer here because I might delete that account soon. 


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