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First Taste of Winter

Since I think my prediction is wrong that it won't snow this year's winter because it started snowing a little bit yesterday. I will just share my first time experiencing winter :) 

People who comes from tropical countries like me are deprived to experience winter because we only have two seasons in the Philippines (Summer and Rainy). I remembered since I was young that I even wished it will snow even once in the Philippines but of course it will always be a wish and it never and will never happen.

When I arrived in Europe 2 years ago it was of course one of the things I look forward to see and finally my long wait is over and indeed a dream come true also! I remembered the feeling when the moment it started snowing outside, my host mom said to me "It's snowing outside!" and I immediately took pictures of it and posted it to facebook right away to my excitement and joy.

The picture I took that night. (November 2010)

I hurriedly looked outside my window and was so amazed and happy! Yes I know all first timer felt like this for sure!lol And how excited I am to take pictures and play with the snow also. hehehe

I look so happy!Lol First time to have picture with snow :)

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :)

My first time to see a snowman! :)


We were all hyped first month of experiencing it but as days passed we were also complaining because of course we are not used with this kind of coldness and later on we wanted it to be It's okay to have snow for a month but more than a month is too much I guess but we just dealt with it enjoyed the moment. 

I have a love-hate relationship with snow. I'm looking for it when it's still not snowing during christmas because of course who doesn't want a white christmas? and it was kinda sad. It still didn't came on NYE and now only a few snow but for sure when there's too much snow and so cold I would really hate it and wish it will be over soon.hahaha. I just want it to be not so cold and windy but it's not in my hands for sure and in Belgium the weather is unpredictable so I'll be just ready and embrace what it is now and just savor the moment.

So that's it about my first winter and for sure every year is a different experience for me like now it's kinda late and not so bad so I'm happy :) I'm just glad finally after 23 years I have already experienced winter and it sure feels amazing!

Until next blog :) Thank you for reading!


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