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Current addiction: Make Ups

I never expected that I will ever be interested to invest more to make ups and just everytime I go to centrums (shopping place here) I always ended up buying them. Before it was different scenario because I was more into clothes but surprisingly I didn't buy anything for a long time. Watching youtube tutorials is helpful but I realized I should just do my own thing and practice and discover and learn more how to apply myself especially eyeshadows which for me is the most complicated one but I am more on natural look because I don't want heavy or dark make up all the time especially during daytime. I still need to learn how to do Smoky eyes effect especially not to look hideous when I use black eyeshadows because I tried it before and it looked like I had a black eye so I still need to practice this technique since smoky eyes for me gives a sexier and dramatic effect on our eyes. There are still alot of things I want to add on my collection but since they cost a lot I will just buy them later on or one at a time.

So here are still on my wish lists:

1. MAC/ Shu Uemura / Bobbi Brown / Smashbox brush sets. - I really want to invest for a very good brushes either of these brands.  Brushes is really important and also a good investment if you really want better result and ease for applying make up.

2. Lancome Rouge in Love Rouge Valentine Lipstick - I'm still looking for the best Red lipstick and maybe this will end my search.

3. Lancome Le Lipstique Rougelle - Matte Red - I also want a matte finished red lipstick anda I think this is the perfect product for the result that I want

4. Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Mascara - I'm just really curious how this mascara will work for me because I'm still in the phase of searching the best mascara and the design of this is really chic pretty

5. YSL Touche Eclat - perfect to conceal redness or dark spots but I still yet to try if it's really that good

So hopefully I can purchase them soon and will let you know :) If you have something to suggest, feel free to  leave a comment. Remember invest more on your face rather than seasonal clothes. But of course a good skin is also better so we also have to have things to moisturize, hydrate and make our skin fresh and acne free so always clean your face after make up and I will have a review on skin products for this also.

Have a great day and thank you for reading.


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