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Urban Decay Naked Palettes

After long my long wait and searching, I finally have them! I went all the way to Maastricht, Holland just to buy them because unfortunately they don't have a single Sephora store here in Belgium which is the only distributor of this brand so it's a bit frustrating for me so hopefully they will consider to have branches here. Pretty please! I know I'm not alone with this because a lot of ladies already are looking forward to have one here.

I knew about this palette while searching in the internet and alot of ladies are blogging about it and said all great reviews and it was really a matter of life and death for me to have one. Okay, that's an  First of all, I'm really into natural or neutral looking make ups and this is the best for me since this defines what the look I'm going for or I want to wear most of the time. 

The price justifies its value, content and quality and I can say worth the money you spent on it and you have a lot of colors to choose and play around with unlike other palettes that you can only choose from 6 colors or less. The price range is far more than the US price because I bought Naked for 50 euro and the Naked 2 was fortunately on sale for 34 euro. 

So here's the first Naked Palette.

The packaging is really nice with a dark brown chocolaty type velvet case makes it very chic and really depicts their motto/slogan written at the back "Beauty with an edge" and I couldn't agree more! They also included an eyeshadow base primer in a travel size to help set in and make your eyeshadow stays longer and looks better.

They 12 gorgeous colors to choose from. Glittery neutrals to summery bronzy looks and also for sultry smoky eyes. So you can use and choose for day, night or special events and play around all the colors in every season or reason so it's a total package and a great gift for women to say the least!

It has a beautiful shimmery, glittery and matte finished eyeshadows that I think will fit any skin types. The brush is really good and easy to use and work with.

After the success of the NAKED palette they released the sequel and much anticipated NAKED 2  palette which is equally great and more lovely colors added.

The packaging is much different more solid and metal type and sturdier than the first palette and has bigger mirror. It comes also with naked lip gloss and tastes like mint which is nice and soothing.  

The new version ranges from pale to deep, matte and sparkly eyeshadows. Still with neutral colors and smoky finishes which ever you can play with like the first version and you can also combine colors from first palette to this so it's matter of imagination and how you want it. It comes with the two sided brushes which is really good quality and makes application with ease. 

It has darker taupe and greige neutral shades which is really nice for achieving smoky eyes and also to make really simple daytime or bronzy looks. 

Here's the looks I tried to make with these two palettes

Actually, each eye has different shades because I used Right for Naked palette and the Left is for Naked 2 but in the picture they look almost the same.

So this is typical look I wear, I actually combine 3 colors each eye and just blend and kept it simple. 

This is my attempt to have smoky eyes. Still need to learn though

This product has really exceeded my expectations and worth all the travel time and effort I exerted just to have it. I'm really looking forward learn and practice more with the colors and it's also even better when combining two palettes. More possibilities and things to play with and I definitely agree with them that there's more to neutral than meets the eye.

Thank you for your reading my blog :)


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