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Sneakers is LOVE!

One of the things I've been wanting to buy for months now is an Isabel Marant sneakers. Since the price is too much for me and I don't think I will ever buy or spend  for sneakers or any shoes for that matter for more than 400 euro. 

My first sighting of Isabel Marant's sneaker is from a magazine here in Belgium. At first it didn't catch my attention since I was not really into sneakers that time not until I saw it in every magazine here and a lot of celebrities have been wearing this so I got curious and searched about it. The first celeb that I saw wearing is Miranda Kerr:

At first glance it look so bulky for me that's why I didn't like it because for me it was like a skater kind of shoes but when I saw every angle of the shoes and saw models wearing it in high end magazines that's when I realized it can really be fashionable without comprising comfort. 

The one I really want from Isabel Marant's collection is this black sneaker. Which of course a universal color that's why I really prefer black if ever.

And I'm not a big fan of high heels and I've been a doll shoes and flats lover ever since. So for me this is really perfect especially here in Belgium where it always rains so my hunt for this kind of shoes started.

I've been searching for replicas of this and luckily I found some in internet. From websites I usually go to and from shops that I usually go for window shopping.

You can find replicas from cheap to expensive ones but not more than 200 euro so perfect for me. So If you will buy cheap ones like below 50 well base from my experience it's not really comfortable and will not last long. And for me especially if you live in a country that requires walking a lot it's better to invest on good quality shoes to save your life everytime you walk around your city. 

Here are the best shoes I've seen so far which is close to what I will probably buy hopefully soon.

1. I forgot already what brand are they but I think I found them at I think the price of them is around € 180 

2. This is from Bluehaven at Torfs. It comes in different colors also. price: € 99.95

3. My fave among the 3 and probably the one I will buy is from Juliette a Paris in Torfs also. Available only in 2 colors. price: € 129.00

And I found also cute sneakers from from the brand Kennel & Schmenger. And they have more cute sneakers! But it's more on an expensive side. Their sneakers are from   200 and above.

And I've been eyeing for this shoes is sacha for months also but still not decided to buy it or not because of some flaws but when I returned it's gone. Maybe it's not meant for me. :P Because as what they say when you doubt to buy a certain thing then you should not buy it because if you really want and need it, why doubt? But still this really is cute for me :) 
price:   50

And my current fave sneakers that I always wear because it's really good for walking for me and very comfy plus I really love the design and had a mini heart attack when I saw this but I also thought about it for maybe a month if I should buy this or not but I'm happy I did.

My replay sneakers :)

Of course if it's up to me I want to buy them all but I need to decide for only one and this is one of the hardest things in life. :P You can help me choose if you want. Any suggestion is welcome :) I really want to have one soon but there will be a lot of debating, reasoning and arguing first to do. :p

Thank you for reading. And I'm glad to be back in blogging. Have a nice day! :)


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