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Look 1: The Date night

Blazer: Vero Moda
Top: Pieces
Belt: Pieces
Jeans: Tally-Weijl
Shoes: Pearlz
Necklace: Springfield accessories
Bracelets: Six and I Am 
Watch: Ice

I was not planning to buy another blazer not until I saw this on sale at Vero Moda and when I tried this out it looks really nice. It's a boyfriend or cigarette style blazer which you can pair with anything like jeans and skirt. And I've always love this jeans because it's like a boyfriend pants for me. Matching it with a red belt really looks great with whole outfit to put more life and color. My accessories I got them all on sale and I just mix and match them. I really like to buy accessories in Springfield because they really have cute necklaces and I always go to Six and I am for my earrings and bracelets and when they are on sale they sell 1 to 2 euros per pair of earrings and set of bracelets so very good deal! I also love blucher shoes especially my brown one! They were on trend last year but I think for me this is timeless and goes well with a dress, short, skirts, etc. I also think this outfit will be best with accessories I found in Zara. Chunky type of necklace is really nice when you are wearing plain white top to add flair to your outfit and this kind of accessory is really on trend this season.



This is my very first outfit post here in my blog site. I was really shy & hesitant before that's why it took me a while to finally decide that I should do something like this here but since fashion is one of my interests in life might as well share to you what is fashion for me, my taste or which I'm comfortable with. This was the look I had when we had our date after his exam and to celebrate also our first anniversary. I will post from now on my fave outfits once in a while :)

We have different points of view in fashion, some are risk takers,  and maybe what fashion for me is boring for them but we have our own taste. Whichever you are happy with then go for it! For me I always go with comfort and most especially suits and looks good on me. I can't imagine myself wearing strange things. I sometimes go with trends but it really depends on my mood or which I find really nice and will really make an impact to me. Sometimes it will take me days before I finally buy it and when I came back it's gone.hahaha. But now I am really trying my best not to buy as much as before because it's not good for me and it's very impractical so as much as possible I just buy during sale time because I can have good deals and buy more. Impulsive buying is very dangerous for your bank account. So better think twice before you decide splurging. I think It's okay to treat yourself with shopping but not every week! So control is the key to a happy wallet :) 


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