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Straight to Perfection

I just want to make a review on a hair product I've been using for more than a month now. So basically I have a very thick hair that tends to be wavy when I don't iron it and put some products on. And my biggest problem ever since is my front hair or hairs that are nearest to my forehead are really curly and I don't know why. I don't think I'm alone with this dilemma but this is really frustrating for me because no matter what I do it really curls after few hours after ironing. I have a bit damaged hair because I think as early as 11 years old I already had treatments with my hair because my hair was really a mess and hideous during those time and it got really dried up and damaged since I was having the straightening treatments every year until I was in college. Straight, shiny hair is really what most of the girls which I'm from (Philippines) is striving to have since the mentality their is it makes a girl really beautiful and stands out. Well I think most of asians really prefer their hair to be straight and I mean really straight, there are a lot of treatments like relax, rebond, etc. you name it, we have it there! Just to make your hair straight like no other. As what I noticed Europeans really doesn't want straight hair, it's more of wavy and bouncy or curly that's why I don't see any salon here that has straightening treatment at all and if ever there will be, I'm sure it will be so expensive compared if you do it in Asia. Even having haircuts here is really way too expensive if you compare it to Asia.

Two years being in Europe I never had straightening treatments in a salon and it was really good because of that my hair is not as dry and damaged as before since I don't use those very strong chemicals for my hair anymore. But it was also a struggle keeping it straight as I want it to be. I kept on trying a lot of products but none really gave me the result that I've always wanted not until I found this two excellent products from Lee Stafford that I accidentally saw when I was in Eindhoven centrum in Holland in Etos shop and they are the only distributor of this product which is a pity since there is no Etos in Belgium but I plan to buy more when I go back to Holland so I have extra just in case I won't be back for a long time there. 

So about this product, it is really my routine when I go to a shop to look for hair products. I don't know why but it has been a habit and it really caught my attention that time because it's bright pink and with the tag line POKER STRAIGHT  that was the selling point for me and got me really curious and it's a bit expensive to the usual I go for so I just thought I will just try this and we'll see if it really has this effect and viola the moment I tried it, I really fell in love with the scent! It is the most fragrant hair product I ever used! It smells really good! Trust me on this. And not only that it really works! My hair look fantastic the whole day plus smells so damn good. There are no frizz on my annoying front hair even after blow drying my hair it is really straight no need to iron it! This product is really amazing. I said to myself I will never make a review on hair product that it won't gave me this kind of satisfaction and amazement. 

I also want to share the Straightening iron I've been using for months now that is really good. Actually it's a 2 in 1 iron since you can curl your hair with it also from babybliss the pro 200 - 2 and 1 straight & curl - ST230E. But I can't curl my hair now since it's too short but I hope I can make use of it when my hair is longer but I'm still planning to buy a curling iron because I think it's easier but I'll see if this works well in curling also I won't buy anymore. Flat iron for the hair is really important for me because it makes my hair more manageable and won't be messy and wavy which I don't really like so I was really looking for the best one and of course I think babybliss is the greatest product for that. Unlike other iron that it needs time before it will give you the best result this will only take me about 5 mins and my hair looks its best so it saves me time and energy. And I also noticed it has best result when you blow dry your hair before you iron since it makes your hair already straight after blow drying so you only need touched up with the ironing so it saves time and then you are good to go!

And now this is really tried and tested products for me since I've been using them for two years now and I should say these are the best shampoo and conditioner ever that I used since I arrived in Europe because most of the products I used caused me major dandruff that is really awful to experience and I think products here are too strong for my scalp since I think it is designed or made for asian skin so I'm really happy to find this brand that goes well with my scalp and don't cause dandruff. We are already warned before that when we arrive or our first few months we will experience health problems when we are just new with this kind of weather and dandruff is one of them so I'm relieved that I'm over that phase and Andrelon is really the best product for this. They have a lot of products for different kinds of hair but the Care and Repair is what I really like since I have a dry and damaged hair and it works well with me. If I had color for my hair, I use their product for the colored hair which do its job also and keeps the color so it's great! I like this product a lot because it doesn't dry and makes my hair lighter. And I also use their Beschermende Creme after shower when I pat dry my hair just before the Lee Stafford products and then blow dry it. It's also Care and Repair it's like a leave on conditioner for me to make it more manageable and for better result after blow drying and frizz management so I think it helps and gives me what I aim for so I'm happy. 

These are the products that I've been waiting for so long and I'm so relieved that I finally found the best products for my hair. I hope it works for you too! :)


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