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Nail Polishes for Holidays

Happy Holidays!

I've been busy and sick for one week now that's why I didn't blog for a long time but I'm happy I can finally have time for it since it's my Christmas vacation for 2 weeks. My blog for today is about fave finds for nail polish for holidays. I like to wear more sparkly polishes to feel the vibe of the holidays and it's just really pretty. I bought them a month ago I think and they are really perfect for the occasion and throughout the winter season of course. 

The first one from the left is from Rimmel London: Metal Rush. Catrice: 900 Steel my heart and 600 After Eight.

I'm not really that good on putting nail polishes on myself so sorry if it's not neatly done. But I really love them and really looks pretty and chic. The Metal Rush is really pretty and perfect for parties and christmas or New Year's Eve with matching Red lipstick or dress it's really perfect! The two catrice color I like them because you can pair them with amything also especially the Steel my heart and the green one looks amazing also and elegant so you can never go wrong with these 3 during this season. Silver and red ones with sparkles are also chic for this season. I have bought a red one from Park Avenue because I was looking for red but a sparkly one this time because all my red are matte ones or plain and I find this really chic. Not too sparkly like the other brands but a subtle one, the way I like it and not in your face sparkly.

I have a discovery also because I always experienced chipping of nails so one day I really got annoyed because sometimes it only lasts for a day so I researched what's good solution for it and I saw a lot of people suggesting Nail base and hardener and when I looked for in a shop I saw these ones from Essence (exclusively distributed at Kruidvat) aside from they are very cheap I think 1.89 euro each. They are really effective! Why will you buy a very expensive brand when you can have same result but lesser amount of money. So I'm really happy that it does it job and works well. So basically I first put the Nail base then when it dries the nail polish next then let it dry then put the all around talent then let it dry then I put my no chips ahead from Essie's and let it dry and viola! they stay intact for a week! I observed the more you let them dry good every after each coat, the stronger and longer they lasts. So I hope it works for you also :)


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