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Spring 2013

Spring is fast approaching and so is the trend changing. As I walk through the centrum here in Gent I see already new displays for the Spring collection and that inspired me to blog. 

For this spring I noticed Neon colors are in. I see them every where! And stripes also but more of black and white stripes and I find it really chic. 

Neon Colors

a.  H&M: Sweater - € 19,95  
b.  H&M: Top - € 14,95                         
c.  Vila: Knit Top - € 26,95 

a. Pieces: leggings - 2 for € 29,95
b. School Rag( pants - € 54,95
c. Vila: legging - € 24,95
d. Vero Moda( legging- € 21,95

a. H&M: ballerina - € 14,95
b. H&M: Peep toe shoes - € 29,95
c. H&M: Pumps - € 19,95

a. H&M: necklace - € 9,95
b. Pieces: bracelet - € 12,95
c. H&M: glasses - € 6,95
d. H&M: bag - € 39,95
e. Essentiel Antwerp: bag - € 115
f. Essentiel Antwerp: scarf - € 62,50

At first when I saw the displays it was a bit too colorful and bright for my liking since I myself is not a neon wearing type of girl but hey after a very gloomy weather I think wearing these happy colors is really a major mood shift for everyone and to feel that Spring is coming! So it will be a very vibrant and colorful Spring time for us :)


a. Vero Moda: long sleeves - € 24,95
b. long sleeves 
c. H&M: Long sleeves - € 14,95

My favorite so far are the stripes. I just find them really chic especially the one's with big pockets and a bit loose type long sleeves. They are light to wear and they can be formal or casual so you can wear it day til night and still fit whatever the occasion. And stripes are also with leggings or pants and bold black and white graphic designs are also in now which I find very interesting and pretty so just check them out at your favorite shops. 

So have fun with the colors and  whatever you feel like wearing just wear them with confidence and own it!

I hope you enjoy Spring time and stay fashionably fabulous! :)


  1. je moet naar primark gaan! they have super trendy clothes in super affordable prices... maybe we can go together one time:)

  2. Soon Kirs at Eindhoven. So excited! :)


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