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Nail colors to try for Spring 2013


It's been awhile. I've been busy for school but now we have 2 weeks Easter vacation. I have been searching for Spring nail colors and I have found that is more pastel and really bright colors are on trend nowadays. As I went to Kruidvat I instantly went to Catrice section because I usually buy from this brand for nail polish because it's really budget friendly and they have a lot of colors to choose from also and the quality is just like the expensive brands as well that I tried and now they have new collection with gloss booster which really looks like gel nail polish finished for me. They have 47 new colors for this collection which are really pretty and I bought two from this collection and two products from there limited edition Candy shock products. As what I saw on other people's blogs it's more of pastel colors now which I really like preferrably because I'm not really a bold color wearing type of girl but when I was in the shop I fell in love of the really bright almost neon type kind of colors which is really new for me and I didn't expect that I would even wear. But I guess my taste change as I aged and I think it's worth trying. And now I realized that colors even with your nails or bag or things you usually use can really change your mood. I think it lifts up your mood when you see colors around you and for that reason I will choose more now colorful things especially with clothes because when I was looking at my clothes a week ago I noticed that I have mostly black or grey which is really daunting to see and after I saw that I promised to myself that no black and grey clothes from now on!

Okay back to my topic, sorry for that long intro.

a. Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 01 Fuschsiarama b. Papa don't Peach c. Catrice Soft Nail Lacquer limited edition Candy Shock d. Catrice 3-D effect Nail Sugar Pearls

Here are the colors from Catrice. I'm wearing the "Papa don't Peach" With this color is I think as Spring as it gets. Very vibrant and glowy and I like it. Sorry for the dry hand it's been really a struggle for me this winter! And I'm not really neat also in applying nail polish to myself, so excuses for that. I still need alot of practice.

Originally, I just wanted to look for pastel colors but there were not so much pastel nail polishes that I like and I was specifically looking for orange shade so that's why I ended up with the peach and the Candy shock light orange type. And I like the fuschiarama because it's not really into your face color, it has a hint of pink but a subtle type that's why it caught my eye. And the 3D effect pearls really is very  intriguing for me how will it look on my nails so I will make a review when I try it.

The second group

e. Maybelline Color Show 754 Pow Green f. Maybelline Color Show 120 Urban turquoise g. Essence Floral Grunge 03 Grunge me Tender

Normally, I don't buy from Maybelline but when it was buy 1 take 1 in Kruidvat then I gave it a shot. So here are the two from there new collection. I was able to test them yesterday and I find the green really bright type almost like book marker type like stabilo so I'm not really sure if I'm going to wear it but maybe in the summer. The torquouise is I really like it's almost like a teal type of color but darker and I think really great for this Spring to try. And the grunge from Essence is quite pretty and I was really looking for light or soft green type which I never found at Catrice and other brands. When I tried it, it almost looked like a frozen type effect like the Candy Shock from Catrice which is new to me because I didn't had this kind before. And I think Catrice and Essence are from the same company as what I saw from the back of the bottle because they have same manufacturer so they have same quality and almost the same packaging as what I observed. The one from Essie I want to try also because they have the pastel green I'm looking for and I'll look at it when I'm back in Belgium.

So that's about it. I hope I helped you a bit if you're looking something to try this Spring for your nails. Enjoy the colors and the nice weather! At last! :)


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