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Summer Sandals Must Haves!

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's been 2 months since I last wrote. But I'm back and I hope I will be active again from now on. 

Summer is finally here! What a great week for us here in Belgium and I hope that this weather will continue because I really don't like rainy and gloomy weather anymore. So happy to see people strutting there fab summer outfits. And because of this I am inspired to share to you what are my fave finds for sandals that for this season that I know will be fab for anyone for any summer outfit. 

I can't say enough how crazy and in love I am with Giuseppe Zanotti Design! I really love the metal details and how chic and unique they look! They are certainly on top of my wishlist this year!

I'm also in love with embellished or studded sandals which I think looks so pretty when you wear it and it adds more wow factor with your whole look. And the sandals from Miumiu is my top pick! I love how colorful, sparkly and cute the design is! I hope I can have them as a birthday present! Wishful thinking ;)

The next of my list is the T straps sandals. Which has been on trend since I was in college and I think is a must during summer season. I love it with studs of course which makes it more fun and pretty because it is so thin that it's like barely there so I like it to be embellished. My pick is from Giuseppe Zanotti Design and you can find a lot of designs also from different brands that are budget friendly but looks as pretty also so just check them out at your fave shoe shops. I also choose a white sandal that is from Grendha which is rubberized but I really like how they design it and looks so chic and effortless! I also pick a red sandal from Love Moschino which is with a metal heart on it. Hearts and Ribbons are really my thing with it comes to design so this really hit the mark for me and I love the simplicity but looks really cute.

And lastly flipflops! I love wearing them during summer and they are so light to wear. And after cold season I'm really looking forward that my feet is able to be free and can breath because it has been enclosed with the boots and socks for a long time that's why I really use them and enjoy them as long as the weather permits and they are one of the essentials when going to the beach. I love embellished flipflops also and with cute designs because I don't know it's just in me and my cup of tea. It makes me happier I suppose to see sparkly things and cute things that I wear. My picks are from Havaianas, Grendha and Ipanema. And I can't wait to have them soon! I asked my friend to buy one for me in Brazil so I'm so excited when she brings it next week :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and I wish you all a sunny and fun summer time! It's vacation time and we all deserve to relax and enjoy the sun after months of hard work in school and at work. I just hope it will stay dry especially here in Belgium (fingers crossed). And enjoy strutting your bikini body and of course your fab outfits and sandals! ;)


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