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My Beauty Secret


I am inspired to make a blog about my beauty secret since I have been asked by my classmate to my surprise and I'm really flattered that she really went up to me and asked which products I used for my face because she said my skin looks good and my hair as well. I have been asked also by some people I know or friends of me back home in the Philippines since they really notice the difference when they see my pictures now from before. I have never imagined this to happen because my face especially during elementary, high school and even college days was really in a bad state because of all the pimples, blemishes, blackheads, etc. Usually when you are a teenager you will really pass thru this stage but until 2 years ago(I was 24 then) I still had pimple problems especially when I arrived in Holland, it got worst! Maybe because of the change of weather, water, food or I am not sure anymore. It was hard to find a product here in Europe that will be effective for my skin and I have tried a lot of products like Clinique, Body shop set to name a few to treat it but nothing works not until I went 2 years ago to an Apotheek(Pharmacy) that changed everything!  

So here are the products that I used:

Every morning I wash my face with:  Avène Cleanance Gel

I wash my face with cold water first and then apply a small amount of this on my face and rinse it well after. Massage thoroughly for few seconds or 1 minute your face with this gel before rinsing it with water. And pat dry with a towel. Let it dry first before you apply the next product. (I used to use this twice a day before I went to bed also but it made my face a bit dry that's why I only use it every morning.)

When your face is a bit dry you can apply:  Avène Emulsion

This is to help control the oiliness of my face. I apply this before I put my make up so my face won't be shiny and it matifies my face.

Then you can apply your make up of your choice but I really recommend putting the garnier BB cream because it makes my face not dull and really hides blemishes. It makes my face glowing. I really highly recommend it! You can even use it alone without foundation anymore because it has good coverage and it is lighter than foundation so you won't be feeling cakey and it really looks natural. I use the Medium shade. But actually even BB cream alone you are good to go. Your skin will really look great and don't put too much because it will be greasy looking.

After the BB cream I finish it off with Clarin's Mineral Loose Powder. (Shade: 3 dark)
I use it with a kabuki brush. The result is better because it looks natural and it just blends in your skin unlike when I use foundation it really feels heavy and looks so cakey for my liking. It is translucent and has a little glittery effect on it which I love!  I swear to God that these two are match made in Heaven! 

When  I have really huge pimples I apply: Avène TriAcnéal Treatment Cream

I use this to this to kill and dry out the pimples and they are gone right away after a day or two. But you should only apply it to the affected area I mean to the pimple only. Because this is really strong so you should not apply it all over your face.I only apply it at night before I go to sleep and I stop applying it when my pimples are gone or dead.

If your skin tends to dry maybe you apply also moisturizer before you go to sleep but I don't use one personally but I'm thinking about it and will search which will be the best one to try but I am eyeing now for the Clarin's one and will make a review about it after I use it for a month or so. I just really clean my face well before I go to bed because I think that is really important especially when you apply make up during the day.

Recently, I've been using every night: The Del Haize Care Make up Remover wipes Q10. 

I'm in love with this product! This is the best make up remover that I ever tried! Really. I love the lock or cover or I'm not sure how you call that which keeps it moist because some will just dry out right away because it is not properly and securely closed or covered. This smells good and it is also great even for waterproof mascara! I'm really happy I tried and found this at the grocery shop where I buy most of the time. I first wanted something handy for traveling because I don't want to bring alot of bottles for my face when I travel but I will use this everyday from now on.

After make up remover I first apply  Nivea's Visage Reinigingsmelk

I put small amount in a make up facial round cotton then gently rub it all over your face. Just make sure the amount you put is enough throughout your face but not too much.

And then I apply Nivea's Visage Verfrissende Tonic
This is the last step and your face will be clean and moisturized before you sleep. I think toner is a must for daily beauty routine! So don't hesitate to get one. I don't need to wash my face with water. With these steps my face will be cleaned enough.

I knew about this two products from my cousin when I visited her 3 years ago in Germany. It's her beauty routine also to clean her face. And I loved it ever since! What I love most with these products is that when I wake up every morning my face looks so fresh and delicate, very soft and flawless! It is really recommended that you clean your face good especially when you have your make up on and these really do the job! It also hydrates your skin so when I wake up my skin really looks rejuvenated! Perfection and I mean that! I really thank my cousin for introducing them to me.

I just saw a new product from Nivea yesterday and I will try it and see if it also gives the same effect from the two. It is Visage Reinigingsmelk en tonic 2 in 1 

I will try this so instead of 2 steps, I will just do it once especially when I'm lazy and tired at night then I will be finished right away. 

The Avene products are available in most of the Apotheek/Pharmacy here in Europe I think but I'm not sure if it is available worldwide but maybe you can buy it online. The Garnier BB cream is in Kruidvat, Di, I think any groceries also. Nivea is most probably available worldwide so it's not hard to find, I hope. And the Del Haize product that I think on selected countries only. And the Clarin's products maybe available also everywhere. 

So there goes my beauty secret. I hope that these steps will help and also be effective to you. But we have different kinds of skin and some products maybe good to me but will not be to you so I think it's best to ask and try a sample first before splurging to beauty products. Most of the Apotheek or Parfumerie here will give free samples that's why it's also handy. But most of the time I take risks also and just buy by instinct and some works or went well for me but some also doesn't so it really depends. 

I am happy to share this and I hope it will make a difference in how you look and feel also as what it did to me. Let me know and I'll be happy to hear the result from you!

*Disclaimer: All the photos are not from me. I got them from their respective websites or thru google. 


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