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Caviar Nails for Summer


During my birthday I wanted to have a special nail polish because usually I don't have time to do it and then when I was looking for a color to choose from I saw that I have bought something to make a Caviar nail so I grab and tried it and it is perfect because I have brought a white pearls and I saw a light green nail polish that I also recently bought so perfect match! 

To achieve this I used the the following:

1. Essence Floral Grunge 03 Grunge me Tender

2. Catrice 3-D effect Nail Sugar Pearls

3. Top coat: Essie's No chips ahead coat

4. Optional: A top plastic cover from your hairsprays and the like. Just make sure not so deep so it's easier to put and roll your fingers with.


1. First I apply the Essence Floral Grunge 03 Grunge me Tender on my fingers and I make sure that it is not dried out when I put the pearls or else it won't stick and hold on to it.

2. I sprinkled right away few bits of the Catrice 3-D effect Nail Sugar Pearls and I made sure that finger nails are full with the pearls and let it dry. But I noticed it was a bit messy so you can try to use the top cover of your hairsprays or mousse just put ample amount of pearls inside and when you are done applying the nail polish you immediately roll inside your fingernail so the pearls will stick on it. I read this on internet so I think this is better than what I did. 

3. Then I let it dry for few minutes and I put a top coat on it. Then let it air dry for an hour or so. 

That's it! Simple and easy. I just did it for the first time and it was not hard at all! It's like making a craft thing which is really fun and easy. I love how it looks and how cool and pretty it is! It reminds me of the ocean and the beach that's why this is really nice to try for summer! 

So enjoy and have fun with it! You can try different color combinations also. Check your favorite beauty shops or even craft stores for more variety of pearls. 


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