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Festive Nails for the Holidays 2013-2014

Hallo everyone!

It's been awhile since I wrote on my blog. Now that I have school vacation, I have time so I'm happy to be back. :)

I am really passionate with nail polishes so now I'm sharing to all of you what I chose for the Holidays.

I'm so in love with Essie's encrusted nail polish edition. They have quite a few choices but my favorites are the following:

1. Belugaria


This one is my no. 1 fave! I'm so in love with this nail polish! And it is not for holidays only but also althroughout fall and winter time. Although it is so grungy looking and not easy to get the desired effect that is in the picture but when you glide it carefully and distribute it good then you will have a great result! I know this is not for everyone because it doesn't look so refined as any other nail polish but it has an appeal to me because it's not your typical nail polish and it looks really fab for what I usually go for. I will share to you how it looks on my nail.

2. Lots of Lux


This next one is my second choice. Sadly, it is still not available here where I live but hopefully it will come soon. This has also texture but not as intense as the Belugaria so it's much more refined and very chic with touch of sparkle that's why it is also perfect for this season.

3. Peak of chic


What I love about this is like there's snow flakes because of the glitters on your nails that's why it is really cute for the holidays and winter season plus it really looks posh! It is not yet available here also so I will wait until in arrives. Hopefully soon.

I also have two choices from Catrice. This brand has been one of my fave and where I mostly buy my nail polishes because they are really budget friendly without comprimising the quality. 

1. Genius in the bottle

This was my choice because I was looking for a nail polish that is a bit green with touch of gold but I didn't found the one I was really looking for.I was looking for Chanel's Alchimie nail polish and sadly it was not available in the shops that's why I looked for something similar to it and this is a bit the closest of what I can find. And it is really nice but is more of gold than green but it's okay. It's also timely for the festive occasions and one of the baker where I buy bread from really noticed it and said it's really nice so I guess this is really a good choice. I was not able to take a picture when I wore it but will try next time when I will have it on again.

2. Nickel Minaj

This is my second choice and I didn't like this kind of color before but now it's just caught my eyes and I think also really nice for this season. I like the effect and how shiny and looks so elegant on my nails. I wore this on christmas eve and it was really pretty. 

So that's about it. I hope you had a nice Christmas and have a fabulous NYE with those fab nails! 

***disclaimer: All the pictures except one are from the respective websites of the brands mentioned above.


  1. bes I super love essie nailpolish... I did not try any catrice one yet i cannot find it in the drugstore here in my place. You should try OPI mariah carey collection... super nice colors also:)

  2. Yes bes Essie is really amazing and good quality!I usually buy essie, catrice and essence. OPI is too expensive for me and I usually get "sawa" or fed up right away of nail polish so spending 20+ euro is not wise.


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