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ring finger rings: H&M ; index finger ring: Claire's

Hallo everyone!

Today is my first NOTD post. I wore this last sunday during the bloggers meet up. I'm really inlove with this style because it's so stylish and chic for me. I usually look for inspirations online and this is my own version of what is on trend now with nail style.

I used the following:

I never had a brown nail polish and when I saw this I really fell in love when I tried it because of the color and quality. I went with my friend to Yves Rocher shop because she needed to buy something and suddenly I saw they have nail polishes there and tried the Yves Rocher 106 - Taupe because I was really looking for a brown colored nail polish already and luckily they have the perfect brown shade that I wanted to have for for a long time. So I bought it right away.

The Catrice Million Dollar Baby is nail polish with glitters in it. Actually I thought it when I apply it, it would be a more thicker strokes of glitters but the glitters distributes only very few so there is a lot of gap to be filled in with glitters and that was not the effect that I was looking for because it's more of a top coat so I was really disappointed. So I just used this so that the 3D pearls will stick on my nails so it holds them together and I liked the effect that add sparkles also to the pearls.

Essence 3D pearls in It Rains Money is a sort of caviaar nail effect but a very small version. It is really nice and easy to apply. It makes your nail edgy and very stylish looking.

How to apply:

1. First I apply two coats of the Yves Rocher 106 - Taupe except the ring fingers. Because I wanted to have a matte effect and I don't have an matte top coat that time. I just used steam from a boiled water and put my fingers on top of the bowl where I put the boiled water in for few seconds and voila it is matte! Make sure you put your fingers on top of the steam when it is still wet so you will have a better effect and I don't put any top coat because when I put one it is not as matte as I wanted to be. It has still shine so it is better no top coat.

2. With my ring finger I just apply first the Catrice Million Dollar Baby and right away I pour the 3D pearls. Not everything will stick so I need to apply again another layer of the Million Dollar Baby til my nails are fully filled with the pearls. Or you can put ample amounts in a narrow container like the cover of your Deo spray then roll your finger then the pearls with stick on it. Then as a top coat I put again the Million Dollar baby nail polish to hold all the pearls together and add sparkles also on it.

Wait til your nails are dry and that's it! I hope this helped you and I hope you try this also and let me know! :)


  1. Bes posted at 4.43 AM? wow talo na sila... so early haha... anyway I love this caviar thing and I have found other nail gems:) so i will give it a try....


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