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knit vest: Bershka, striped shirt: Massimo Dutti, bag & bow: Veritas
pants: Zaraboots: Lola Cruz

Hello everyone!

Today is my first post with OOTD. I've been wanting to post one ever since but I always forget to take a picture of myself or just didn't had time because I need to hurry up to go to school or somewhere. I love this outfit. Since, it's still cold weather nowadays, it's a perfect look to keep you warm without comprimising comfort and style. It also reminds me of nautical feel to it. With the blue & white stripes and brown. I just mixed it up for a winter look without looking so dark and gloomy. I prefer not to look so somber because the weather is already gloomy so as much as possible I add color, sparkle or something to make my look more interesting. I love my new boots from Lola Cruz! Because it's so comfy and it sparkles too! It was really love at first sight plus it was on sale at De Bijenkorf Eindhoven last January so perfect! I just love how I can partner or match it with different outfits so I'm really happy I found it. It's really a perfect boots for Fall & Winter. I really invest on good quality shoes because it changed my life especially I walk a lot so it is really essential for me to have a good shoes for my daily living. I only buy shoes very rarely that's why I really go for the good one. The bag I got from Veritas when it was also on sale. So I was so happy to see this kind of style because I was looking in Accessorize shop with almost the same style but they were still not on sale last January so I'm glad I found this. I had a bag for over a year already so it was time to change it. I usually buy the messenger type or satchel bags because it's more easier for me to carry them and move around unlike tote or shoulder bags. It is a bigger kind of satchel bag but I still love it because I can put more things in it and really sturdy type of bag and will last hopefully a year til I buy again another one. This will be my good to go bag for the day and I'm inlove with the color also perfect for all the seasons so it saves me money. I usually buy bags that I can use all throught the year. The knit vest is my fave winter vest. It keeps me warm and I just love the style. The stripe shirt from Massimo Dutti is really nice because I can partner it with anything be it pants or skirt. I prepared an outfit last Christmas with this shirt but was not able to wear it but will post the outfit soon that I envisioned to wear that time. The pants from Zara is really light and comfy. I love pants that are stretchable type because it's comfier and it fits really well to me so this is one of my fave pants that I have. Zara pants fits really well with me and the length is just right not so long or short. So that's it, I will try to post more OOTDs and I hope it helps or inspire you somehow.


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