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Ready for Spring!

Hallo Everyone!

Spring is fast approaching and my nails are ready for it! I've been buying already nail polishes that I'm going to wear this Spring and I'm sure they also fit for summer. I have so much dark nail polishes that I really wanted to buy pastel or light colors for when the weather is not gloomy anymore and better. I would love to show how it looks on my nails but I took pictures on separate days and location so I think it's better I make a review per nail polish soon to make it a bit uniform & organized. 

So here are my choices for this Spring time:


1. Truth or Flare

This is my second blue shade of nail polish but a lighter one. I've never liked blue but the subtleness of this is really pretty that's why I wanted to have it since I saw it. I really love how cute and delicate it looks on my nails. A really must have for Spring!

2. Spin the bottle

I've been wanting to have a nude kind of nail polish and this is perfect for me! Although I still didn't try it as of the moment but the reviews I've seen is really nice almost coffee like shade the lighter kind of course. I can't wait to try it and show it to all of you.

3. Demuere Vixen

I've had this nail polish for 2 years now. I bought this because I was looking for a nail polish that would match my wedding dress and that was the first time I came across or got to know Essie if my memory serves me right. It's  a bit in between light pink and lilac. Very subtle and I realized perfect for Spring too!

4. Mademoiselle

I had this one also almost same time as the Demuere Vixen. I was looking for nail polishes that is good for French manicure and when I saw it is the perfect shade that is not so white or pink but in between. Never knew that this is the one of the most popular Essie polish but I noticed that one of the most viewed or searched blog of mine was this nail polish on it so good choice then. Lovely delicate shade for Spring time!

Cost€ 10,99 each

The next nail polishes are from different brands


1. English Rose 

This is a not a light kind of pink but darker. There is a bit hint of red but in a subtle way. This is the only dark shade that I chose for Spring but not really painful for the eye kind of pink but a more on romantic side. I've had pink nail polishes but they are so in your face that's why I was looking for a subtle one and this is what I have in mind. Actually, I first saw the Essie's In Stitches but I wanted to look for a cheaper counterpart and I saw this from Essence. It was first Catrice I was looking for but then they don't have it in the Kruidvat near my place so glady I found one in Essence. 

2. Love Letters "I Got a Crush on Blue"

Funny the name has blue but there's no blue to be found on this one. For me the shade is grayish type. Almost marshmallowy type of color when I tried it. Very pretty and subtle type. I really love this kind of nail polish. I really regret that I didn't buy the other colors from this limited edition because I couldn't find it on the racks of the Essence in Kruidvat here and in the website they say it is until March this year so hopefully they will restock it. Very cheap but really good quality

Cost: € 1,89 each

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Nails

1. Nouvelle Vague

This is a pastel shade of lilac. Very pretty and candy type color. When I had the love letters from
Essence I knew I would like more of those kind of shade. Since they are out of stock here already 
that's why I looked for other brands and luckily they have it in LÓreal. I've never tried it yet but 
certainly this would be my next choice when I change my polish soon. They have more colors but
this is one of the shade that I like most.

2. Pistachio Drage

A pastel green color. Very pretty to look at and I just love how delicate it looks. I can't wait to use
it! It just makes me happy to see pretty nails. It uplifts my mood and a reminder for me that finally 
better weather is here! Great for Spring! Although it is a bit expensive side but they say the quality
is really good. I will know soon and will let all of you know my views on it.

Cost: € 5,99 each

That's about it and I will post soon how these nail polishes looks on my nails. 

Enjoy Spring and strut those pretty nails! Have a lovely Spring time! 


  1. I like the Pistachio Drage:) Nail polish here I come haha... I wanted to buy pastel polishes too but I am saving for the brazil collection of OPI... I also will check the essie ones...


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