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Beauty Wishlist for 2014

Hello everyone!

I decided to make a second Wishlist post because I've been looking for products recently that I wanted to buy or have so I decided to share them to all of you. I think it's time for me to try new products and explore more on other brands because I noticed my skin is getting dryer and not really getting any better. So time to look for other products and hopefully I will surpass this dilemma and achieve a healthier and radiant skin.

So here are the products:

1. Clarin's Toning Lotion with Camomille

I've been using Nivea Toner for 2 years now but now I feel that I need to try something else. Although it really gave me good result before but recently it gave a stingy feeling every after application. Either I really have a dry skin or maybe it's just too strong for me. I'm really not sure but definitely I'm not loving the stingy feeling every after I use it. That's why I've searched which has the most positive review with it comes to toner and this was the one I found. According to their website: "It is Alcohol-free toner with purifying Camomile, Alpine Herbs, and Linden extracts. Removes every last trace of cleanser, leaving normal-to-dry skin types pH-balanced, pristine-clean and perfectly refreshed. Softens and soothes irritations."  Luckily, I bought it yesterday and just used it last night. It smells nice and I didn't feel any stingy feeling after so I'm very happy with it. I can't say much for now but we will see after a month and will make a full on review on it. So one wish achieved!

2. BB Cream, Moisturizer & Concealer

Shiseido's BB Cream: I was looking for the best BB Cream few months ago and this was the most rated one. I've also tried this few times and the texture is really pleasant and not heavy. The only thing that is holding me back is the price. It is 3x more than what I've been using. By the way, I've been using Garnier BB Cream and I really love it because the coverage is really good especially if you have blemishes but I'm just really thinking that it's too thick consistency and the opening is really big that when you squeeze it, it releases so much that it's too messy for my liking. That's why I love the Shiseido one because it has the right size and you can control it more because it has a pointy edge but really small opening which is really handy. So hopefully this will be my next buy! 

Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer: I have been seeing great reviews on this moisturizer every websites I've been to and I have really high expectations because they all say this is the best primer ever. I really like tinted moisturizer it's like BB Cream for me also that it's the only one I use and no foundation anymore because it gives the right amount of coverage that no foundation needed anymore. Foundation for me is really too heavy looking and really mask your face but BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizers just blend well in your face and really light. Too bad there is no Laura Mercier shop here in Belgium but in Holland you can find some shops in selected cities so I will check them out when I go for vacation again in Holland.

YSL Touche Eclat: I would really want to have this soon! My undereye concealer is not really doing well and it looks cakey after I apply my translucent powder which is really sad. I had used the Revlon one before and it was really good but I tried the NYX right now and I'm very disappointed. And I know this YSL one is the best and most popular among undereye concealers out there. I really hope it lives up to my expectations if ever I buy it and worth the hype. But it is really expensive and an real investment but hopefully worth every cent. 

3. Bronzers

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer: I'm going gaga with bronzers now and when I saw a someone using it on a youtube tutorial, I fell in love in an instant with this bronzer. I'm really saving for this and hopefully the next time I go to Holland I will buy one already. 

Nars' Laguna Bronzer: This is one of the most talked, reviewed and rated Bronzer ever so I'm really curious if it's worth the hype. It's sad that there's no Nars shop here in Belgium but if I come back again in Paris this would be the top of my list to buy.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder: This bronzer is one of the best bronzers as per the reviews that I've read so I can't wait to have one. Although it is just pure "lust or want" but if I can't have the two mentioned above bronzers I would happily have this one.

4. Blushes

Mac's Margin Blush: I came to know this product when I was looking for blushes at MAC. This was the only blush I tried on my face because usually I don't want to apply the tester on the counter because for hygienic purposes and all but the saleslady did it so I just let her and I was planning to buy the Mac's 2013 Limited Holiday Edition Stroke of Midnight Lip and Cheek Bag Coral set because that's where I found this blush plus there was a blush brush included but it was too expensive for my gift coupon so I just asked her if she can give me the same shade of what I tried and then she gave me the Springsheen. To my surprise when I got home and tried it the day after it was not the same effect as what the Margin gave me and it's too red and so unnatural looking for me but now I'm starting to like it and will make a review soon. Margin really changed the proportion of my face. I don't know it was really amazing how it looked on me when I had it on. It really contoured my face and compliments my face beautifully. Among all the things I listed here this will be my next buy and I'm really excited!  

Sleek's Blushes: This brand has also a lot of good reviews and really pretty result at a very cheap price that's why I'm really curious and excited to have one of the blushes. I see on swatches that it is really good pigmented and quality that's why it's really worth a try. I love the Suede shade because it is also like a bronzer type and Pomegranate because I still don't have this shade but this is more for Autumn time kind of blush I think so I really hope I can find find this soon here.

5. Sleek Face Contour Kit

I just recently learned how to contour my face and I'm really loving it that's why I would really love to have this contour kit because it is really budget friendly and based among the reviews I've seen so far is really good and worth a try.

6. YSL Lipsticks

I'm really lusting to have a YSL lippies. Not only it looks so chic and elegant but they said it so buttery and really moisturizing and so worth it. And I already tested some shades that caught my eyes and I can't wait to have one for myself.

7. Make Up Brushes and tool

Real Techniques brushes: I have very few good make up brushes that's why I really want to have a good quality one that I can use for a long time. And this is by far one of the best rated and reviewed budget friendly brushes. I don't want to spend 40 euro and above for just a brush that's why I'm really in a hunt to find the best brushes without breaking the bank.

Shiseido Foundation Brush: I think this is the only expensive brush I would ever purchase but it is less than 40 euro so not really that bad. This is what they said the best foundation brush ever so I'm really looking forward to try it. Although it is not a priority because I don't really use foundation anyway so in the future when I will be back on using foundation again this will come in handy.

Shu Uemura Eyelash curler: Eyelash curler is really a big part of my make up routine that's why it is a "must have". I've been using Tweezerman's one but it still didn't give me that wow factor. And it doesn't stay curled for a long time. I even bought a Sephora's eyelash curling iron but it takes so much time and effort that's why I stopped using it but it has a great result and it stayed curled for the whole day. But when you are in a hurry it's great to have a trusted tool to do the trick and maybe this is the one missing in my life and I hope to have one soon.

8. Nail Topcoat

O.P.I Rapidry Top Coat: I don't own a single O.P.I. product that's why I want to try this one. Knowing this brand is really a high quality with it comes to nail polishes so I have high hopes for this one. I really need a good quality top coat because what I use now doesn't give really brilliant result that's why I'm dying to own the best Topcoat and I hope this is the one!

That's all and hopefully I can make a review about them if ever I own one. Thank you for reading and until next time. 

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