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My Current Fave Lip Combo

Hallo everyone!

Spring has come and I have blog entries that I should have made way sooner but didn't had a lot of time. It's my springbreak so I'm happy that I can blog as often as I can.

I just discovered a perfect lip combo from my collection that I stopped using because I didn't like how it looked on me or it was too plain but surprisingly looks amazing combined to the new products that I have. So here they are:

I had this for a long time now because I was looking for a tinted lip balm and it was also the new release from Clinique's Chubby stick collection. I didn't want to wear lipstick everyday that time and I got bored already with the everyday lip products that I used because they don't have color at all so it was really a perfect timing for me. The texture is really nice almost buttery type, glides really easy and I don't have any sticky feeling when I have it on so really good quality balm. But sadly I didn't use this alot because I didn't really like how it looks on me and it didn't compliment my face so I stopped using it but after I bought the next product from NYX I tried to combine them one day and it was match made in heaven! I just tried to look if it is still available on the market but I can't seem to find it at Clinique's website or douglas anymore. I think it is discontinued but they have new collection of chubby sticks but in different shades not with this shade anymore. Sad.

 NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 155 Perfect 11ml  € 6,99

I bought this last February when I was in Utrecht with my friend Kirsty during the bloggers meet up and saw the Douglas shop and one make up display rack that caught my attention while walking is the NYX one because I often see  reviews of them in blogs but never saw a store that has one in Belgium particulary in Gent where I live. I was so ecstatic that I bought 4 products which I will have a review as soon as I can. I bought this lip gloss to match with the pumpkin pie lipstick but to my horror the lipstick tastes like soap and usually the lipsticks and lipglosses that I have don't have any taste or strong taste for that matter like that lipstick so I really regret not smelling it before I purchased it because I really avoid testing lip products on my lips for hygienic purposes. I should have bought the butter gloss that the salelady was wearing because it looks so fab on her and I like the color it suits really well on her from light to medium colored skin I think. If I'm not mistaken it was the Pink lilac butter gloss but not really certain. I will look for it when I go to Eindhoven this week. 

Back to the Mega Shine Lip Gloss sorry for that very long introduction. This gloss has also a really cute packaging that made me buy it more actually. The bow is just too cute to ignore! One of my faves and weaknesses!

But sadly I didn't really use this much because there was no wow factor at first and not ideal for me to wear it alone because there is no color whatsoever but it makes your lips look fuller and it is really shiny for my liking. But one day I just thought of combining it with the chubby stick and I was really surprise how they blend well together. And plus the combination is really good for Spring to summer. I couldn't be happier!! 

I'm still searching for more lip products to try but for now I'm really happy with these two for my everyday look and if you have other suggestions and products you thought you didn't like but when combined with other products was perfect. Please let me know. We just really need to expirement more with what we have and hopefully it will bring us a pleasant if not perfect surprise which we didn't knew all along.


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