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Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

With it comes to mascara, it was really hard to find something I would really settle for and be actually loyal to not until I found out and tried this mascara. Actually it was just an incident or should I say luck that I came to buy this product. I really prefer waterproof mascara because my eyes are really sensitive and I tend to rub unconciously my eyes that's why I was really in a hunt for a trusty mascara. I have used in the past black mascara and it was okay and of course my natural hair color is black so it also suits me well but there is something in black mascara that I find it too harsh or overwhelming to wear during day time. It's like I'm too made up for a normal day so it was too much for me I suppose. So when I wanted to try a new mascara I just randomly chose to buy Clinique because I never had tried one before and I was surprised that it's not really as expensive from what I was using previously (Review on other mascaras here). 

So when I was about to buy one, I ask the saleslady and then she told me the black one was out of stock and they only have the shade black/brown. I was skeptical but then I remembered Carmindy one of my fave make up artists recommended brown mascara because it looks more natural for day time so I just gave it a shot. And it was really a pleasant surprise!! I am in love or should I say obssessed with this! I can say really that I can use this mascara for the rest of my life! I know it's a bit too much to say but that's how much I love this product! This is my 3rd tube actually.

It glides so easily and smoothly and it coats so nicely and evenly every lashes. No clumps but has tendency if you coat too much. I usually just coat twice or thrice is enough for me. I don't spend so much time with mascara because I don't like overly thick lashes personally. It looks so fake and ridiculous for my liking. I want really subtle looking lashes that will not scare anyone. Like your natural lashes but better. But it's a personal preference whatever looks good on you and makes you happy then go for it. 

So here it is... 

without mascara

With mascara

I'm pretty pleased and content with this product and it will be a make up staple for me for a long time if not forever.

I tried drugstore products but nothing has really made a great impact and were really bad quality so basically I just wasted my money on them but don't get me wrong I know there are of course drugstore products that are also good but unfortunately I've never came accross to so if you have some suggestions please let me know! I would really want to find a cheaper version of dark brown waterproof mascara but it's so hard to find one. I tried last week but there's no luck at all. So I hope there will be much available brown waterproof mascara especially in Gent soon. I don't want to buy high end brands anymore because it's so expensive and I just use them for 3 months because they dry out so quick that's why splurging for a mascara is a big NO NO.

* I bought this at Galeria Inno Gent for  €18,50


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