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My Make Up Station

My love for make has grown in a span of 2 years. It's funny how I never cared of make up before and ended up being addicted now. I think my love affair of make up started when I began reading beauty blogs and got hooked right then and there. And because of that I'm inspired to have my very own make up station. I'm really fascinated how lovely the make up stations I've seen in blogs that's why one day I was inspired to transform the not so used and uninspiring corner of our room into my own domain.

We have two wall shelves that I didn't know how to design and make use of it and just placed some books and it was really bland and unispiring. And I placed my make up products inside a drawer in our bathroom before. When I saw blogger stations I realized is really a great idea to have one and apply make up where I can sit and have a proper day light because I used to apply make up in our bathroom and I needed to go in and out because I needed natural light to apply foundation and blush because I can't see it good in our bathroom. 

So I decided to place my make up instead in this corner of our room and make it more useful and appealing. I have already several organizers and boxes from ikea and kruidvat that I incorporated for this design. First are the Godmorgon series from Ikea. I really love this stuff because they are transparent so searching and finding what I need is a breeze. They are my muji version the only lacking are drawers which of course come in handy. I can't find any muji products or similar of that sort for now but these storages do the job so I'm happy.

I collect magazines too like Glamour NL so to inject some fashion inspiration I incorporated a shopaholic book, my bag and sunglasses to the design. I find it really chic and pretty. I have perfume collection so I thought it would be nice to include them also. I store some of my accessories into the two yellow green boxes.

This black photo holder I got from blokker. I didn't use it much and decided to make it an accessorie organizer instead and I'm pretty happy with it! It's easier to decide and envision what to wear while I'm preparing.

The next one is something I just saw while browsing at ikea. It is a candle holder with scallops design. I find it really handy because I can also hang earrings on it especially the earrings I frequently use so it's faster to grab them. I hang here normally earrings that I will use for the season. Inside are my bracelets and rings that I also use most of the time. Really handy!

This pretty pink brush holder is also a candle holder. I was inspired with other bloggers that's why I bought it. My plan was to buy the white one but then I realize my wall is also very light shade so the pink is better because it will pop and won't blend in with my wall. 

This is muji inspired organizer. The top front is a make up organizer from True spirit available in Kruidvat. I place here the lipsticks and other make up products that I use everyday for this season so it's easier to grab them. At the back part is part of a godmorgon series. I put here my Urban Decay palettes.

Below is where I put my skincare products and other eyeshadow palettes and old make up products that I own.

Below is my everyday face products. I can easily grab my blushes, bronzers and powders when I'm in a hurry that's why it's really important for me to have an everyday set of products together in one corner. I use also a candle holder for this one and I love the design and perfect for the theme that I created. This is also from ikea.

Next is my mirror. I bought this from Casa here in Gent. It has two sides so perfect when you need some magnifying of your face and I was really looking for a short one because my drawer is a bit high so this was really a perfect find!

I put my nail products and other beauty products in this godmorgon organizer from ikea. I removed the upper part which is where you put your brushes because I don't need it now. 

In this corner are my nail care products and top/base coats and for nail art.

Here are my lip, eye and face  products.

And these are my nail polishes. Actually, I collected first nail polishes before make up and now it is so many that I won't buy anything anymore until one or two are empty. Hopefully, I can control it for long but I think I have enough of colors so no need to hoard.

I'm really happy of the finished look that I created and designed and I'm more inspired to put my make up on because I just love my make up station. It is simple yet functional and really works well for me and my needs. 


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