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Wish Granted!

During Paasvakantie(Easter Holiday) we went to Eindhoven to spend our school vacation there. We didn't do much but one thing I was happy about aside from meeting family & friends is that I finally have the Real Techniques Blush brush and Expert face brush that were part of my wishlist this year! I knew already that they are being sold in Eindhoven centrum because I saw it one time while searching where I could physically buy Real Techniques brushes because I don't want to buy it online. I found it from a online shop called Allice & Jo. They sell products that are so hard to find especially here in Belgium and that are only available online or only in UK like Real Techniques, Sleek, EOS, Barry M, etc. Luckily they have a shop in Eindhoven where online shops can sell and display there products. Although the saleslady was not friendly, didn't great me whatsoever and ignored me the whole time and didn't even look at me while paying (really bad customer service) and if only there's other store selling Real Techniques brushes, I will never step foot on that store ever again but for the purpose of informing other fellow make up lovers out there that are still hunting where to find these goodies then it's only fair to share it to all of you. I just hope Sigma brushes will be there also someday! I will make a review about them soon! I've been using them for more than a month and I am really happy and satisfied and I'm planning to buy the Core Collection this summer. The name of the shop is BOQZAddress: Rechtestraat 51, 5611 GM Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

       Coral                         -                Sahara                 -         Pomegranade

I also have my Sleek Blushers! I actually had this last February when I went to get my passport in Brussels. I read a blog before that in Brussels they have African shops that sells Sleek Make Up and of course when I knew it that was the only place I wanted to visit after I went to the Embassy. It is not hard to find and it was really a different experience for me because I never seen so lively place in Belgium before. I walked pass by African shops it's like a shortcut underground and there where full of African shops with loud music and it was really a different feeling there. It felt like I was in a different country although I've never been to Carribean or Africa but it was like I was brought there with all the lovely music and colors, atmosphere and the vibe from the people there. Very interesting walk for me and nice to see that part of Brussels. 

I was planning to buy Suede and Pomegranade but I didn't see them on the first shop I went to. So I ended up buying Coral and Sahara instead. I think I stayed there really long testing some products because I could't decide because my mind was fixed with 2 specific shades. The salesladies were really nice and they just let me do my thing. They were accommodating that's why it was a pleasant experience there. So I chose Coral and Sahara because it's summer appropriate and I don't own this kind of shades yet so it is worth a try. Surprisingly, I love them both! My blushers mostly has glitter or frost effect but this one is matte. I will make a separate review about them soon. Price: 5.99  each. Shop: Art De Namur Address: Chaussée de Wavre 1050 Bruxelles

Luckily I found another shop just across the Art De Namur  street. It's called Jinny's Passion for Beauty. What I love about this shop is that they have more products of sleek than the other one. I was happy to see this shop because I remember a blogger who blogged about this shop because I remember the picture she took of the sign board of the shop so when I entered I was so ecstatic because they have the contour kits and many more! They also had more blusher choices and finally I found there the Pomegranade so without hesitation I bought it. Sadly no Suede there but they have the rose gold and other trio blushers there which is nice but I would buy them next time I come back. Definitely I will! So happy to know we have Sleek cosmetics here in Belgium! :)

After more than a month of using these products, I can only say wonderful and nice things about them. I'm pretty satisfied and contented with them. I always reach for them on daily basis. The RT brushes are so soft and made my application for blushes way better than ever and it just picks up the right amount of products and blending is a breeze and the expert face brush is just perfect for foundation application! I just love how soft they are and can't wait to own the Core collection!  The Sleek blushers I'm really in love with them and can't go out the house anymore without a blush. It is a must now for me. I can go out without mascara and eyeliner but not without blush. They are really small in person but really handy for travelling and very well pigmented that lasts whole day. The Sahara is my favorite and I've been using it almost everyday for the last month. It's just give me a nice glow for this season that really compliments my face. They are really worth the hype and worth the purchase! I highly recommend them.


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