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My Summer Make Up

My make up rountine has slightly changed since the start from summer. My choice of color is coral particularly on my lips. It is a popular choice for this season and I got to buy and try the coral lipstick because it is the shade of choice for this season in every magazine, beauty artists every year. I bought the Revlon Colobursts lipstick in Coral shade and at first it was a bit too out there for me because I didn't apply it the right way how I wanted it to look but recently I discover a technique out of the blue and found the perfect way to wear it for my liking. What I do is I tap a few times on my lips in every corner then I wipe and distribute them thoroughly around my lips until my lips are covered with the lipstick. Mostly I tap a few more then spread again until I like how it looks. Just a bit color is perfect for me. It really looks pretty and very summery look. I like how it lights up my face and just literally puts a life in me. I love the revlon lipstick because it is moisturizing and it lasts really good but when I drink or eat in between I need to retouch it but if whole afternoon I walk at the centrum it stays really good. For my base it is almost the same as my everyday make up routine but I changed some of my products because of the season here. First I apply the Avène Optimale Light Hydrating cream spf20. I love this cream because it is hydrating and not sticky and dries really quick and most importantly it protects my face from the sun rays. And then next instead of the regular Garnier BB Cream I use the BB Cream for combination to oily skin because I want something that has spf and it has spf20 and I tend to get more oily when it is summer. The medium color is not really as well suited for me than the medium for the normal skin type bb cream because my face looks really darker when I apply it but can be mended when I put powder but it can be lighter after I blot it with the MAC Blot Powder Medium dark because I really need it now since I tend to be oily easily on my T zone in the middle of the day and perfect for touch ups when I need it. I used to use the NYX HD Photogenic concealer CW05 Medium/Moyen because I loved the creamy texture but it's too pink for my skin and so my choice now is Revlon's PhotoReady Concealer Light Medium 003  plus it has also spf20 so really good! I love this concealer because it blends well with my skin unlike the NYX one that even I put powder on it, it still shows the traces where I applied them. For my cheeks I use Sleek Sahara blush

I really love this blush actually this is the only blush I reach for all the time because I just love how it countours my face without using bronzer. I apply it with Real Techniques Blush brush. It is a 2 in 1 blush for me so it makes my routine lesser and faster. I forgot to include the Sleek blusher with the above pic so here it is. I used the Coral blusher twice or thrice but didn't really like it that much but maybe one of these days I will try and play with it and we will see. Here it is on my cheeks. (Below pictures)

Coral                        -                           Sahara

I prefer using the Sahara I think Sahara suits me well than the Coral one. For my eyes because it is summer usually I don't bother to put eyeshadow anymore to make my look not so made up. Only Covergirl Liquilineblast in brown and then Clinique High Impact waterproof mascara in black/brown. Review here. Then I highlight my face using Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. I apply it under my eyebrows and above my cheekbones til the above arch from my eyebrows, I make like a C form. Just brush and arrange the shape of my eyebrows using a spoolie and voila I'm done!

I love also braiding my hair because it is warm and I have a lot of time also to style my hair. I will post soon some of the hairstyles I particularly like during summer and  the links. 

Too much make up in the summer is not really my thing because it is sooo warm and I feel itchy right away when I have too much make up on my face. Sometimes, I just go out with sunscreen, bb cream, a bit of powder and then blush and lipstick or lip balm and I'm good to go. It really depends where I go and how long I would stay outside. But bright lipstick especially coral one is the most essential things we should have for this season and don't forget  to apply sunscreen! Protecting the skin is the most important thing of course. 

I wish you all a great summer! I hope you enjoy your vacation, the weather, festivals, family & friends gatherings like bbq and more! Cheers to a beautiful summer glow! 


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