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I have been wanting to share to all of you these wonderful products I just discovered, loved and enjoyed. 

1. L'action Paris Hydrating Scrub
I've never heard and seen this brand ever not until I was looking for a facial scrub in Di here in Gent. I have really dry skin on my nose area and it has been really a challenge because it really doesn't look nice when I put my make up on because they are highlighted and more visible because the foundation sits on my dry flaked skin. My husband always comments about it and he doesn't want me to put make up until this is resolved. He told me to look for a facial scrub to help remove the flaky skin on my nose. So when I went to Di I saw this and it caught my attention because of the packaging and also it is ideal amount to try out because it is in a 2x sachet. To my surprise it is so good for my skin and most importantly the flakiness is gone. I use 2x per half sachet so I manage to use this for 2 weeks. 

The product claims: The smooth and liquescent texture of this scrub will bring softness, moisture and radiance to your skin with its mineral ingredients derived from marine algae. It is adapted for use with even the most sensitive of skin types. Discover clear and purified skin, thanks to the exfoliating rice fragments that work to eliminate facial impurities.

Which I totally agree! After using this it leaves my skin really soft and light. And when I put the make up the day after, my make up looks great and no dry flaky nose anymore! I use this every 3 days and I'm really happy I saw and tried this brand. Although it is expensive because it is almost but I think worth every penny you spent. 

Verdict: Highly recommended! 
Price:  2,69(not sure) It is expensive but worth it. 
Repurchase?: Yes! Especially during promos like 2+1.

2. Avène Thermal Spring Water 
The product claims: to soothes, softens and calms skin. Benefits: Soothes redness associated with inflammation, Calms itching sensations, Low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin, pH 7.5, Sterile packaging, Preservative-free ,Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic to name a few.

It is indeed a miracle in a bottle! Avène has been a tried and tested product for me. It has been my hero literally! It cleared my acne prone skin and I never looked back. It is my everyday staple. I have yet to make an updated morning face routine because I have changed it from what I have posted before. The Avène Cleanance GelAvène Emulsion Lotion and Avène TriAcnéal Treatment Cream have been my heros and solved my pimple problems and made my skin clear. Back to the Thermal Spring Water. I am really happy I tried this product because I have seen a lot of brilliant reviews about it and I waited until summer to finally try it because it is also good during hot months because you can use it to refreshen yourself and indeed it was helpful. I also use it now as a toner because I spray it after I wash my face and before I go to bed. I can't say that it made a huge improvement to my face but it is always a treat after using it because it feels really refreshing and calms my skin. Plus my husband can use it too! It is for the whole family that's why it is really a good all around product.

  • Verdict: Highly recommended especially during summer! 
    Price: €8 for 150ml
    Repurchase?: Yes! But not sure yet if I will make this my toner for the whole year. I will try other products and I'll see if I will go back to this.

    3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel
    I was looking for something that I can clean and remove my make up with but I wanted something that I can rinse with water. I used to just use make up wipes and toner but I found it really irritating my skin and stingy sometimes that's why I wanted something gentle and I can wash off. I've researched to beauty blogs and bloggers which is the best Drugstore make up remover and I came accross to this product. It is different in UK than here because in UK it is in a pump but when I asked the pharmacist here she said they don't have the pump version here and every country don't have the same product and packaging. I gave it a try because the pharmacist also told me it is really good if I want something to wash off the make up and good for sensitive skin and it doesn't dry off my skin. 

    Product claims: Rich, gentle gel for safe cleansing and make-up removal with water. Enriched in hard water-neutralising EDTA and moisturizing glycerine. Strict formula charter to minimise the risk of intolerance. Soap-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free, pH 5.5. The pleasure of cleansing with soft, gentle water that leaves the skin supple and protected. Recommended: Normal to combination intolerant, sensitive skin.

    I can really say I love this as my make up remover. I use it for double cleansing. This is my second step when I clean my skin. It is really gentle and I don't feel any unpleasant feeling after using. I also use this in the morning when my skin is clear and no pimples. When my skin is starting to break out then I use the Avène Cleanance Gel Avène Cleanance Gel.

    Verdict: Highly recommended! 
    Price: not sure anymore but it was more than  €10 for sure (150ml)
    Repurchase?: Definitely! I bought this since March and I just used up 3/4 of it so it is really good value for your money.

    4. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 
    I was really a Nivea Toner and Cleansing Milk loyal user before not until I felt like my skin was not really improving anymore and I felt irritation after using it. It used to give me a flawless skin when I woke up but then when the product was renewed. I didn't really find it as good as before. I've been wanting to try the bioderma since I started reading beauty blogs because it has been a rave in every beauty blogger I know. I've seen it going on sale here even outside the pharmacies but I don't know. I just didn't really buy it. When I finally decided to try another make up remover, this new product from Garnier went out of the market and saw beauty bloggers raving about it. I saw it here in Di shop and said to myself I should try this. This is not as expensive as Bioderma plus it is huge! So finally I tried it and I love it!!

    Product claims: Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up. The Result: Perfectly cleansed and refreshed skin without rubbing or rinsing. Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a generous 400ml format for up to 200 uses.

    I use this as my first step in removing make up. Although not recommended for waterproof make up like mascara. I still use a waterproof eye make up remover for it. But for the rest it is divine! Very gentle, refreshing and really light make up remover. I really love this product! Really good in removing make up and can also be a toner for me. No irritations what so ever! Perfection! I was really thinking buying an oil based type make up remover because I saw a lot of reviews about it like the Bodyshop one but I am so glad I went for this. No greasy feeling and it is just so refreshing.

    Verdict: Highly recommended! 

    Price: not sure anymore but it was around  €5.99 more or less 

    Repurchase?: In a heart beat! 

    5. Sanicur Tarwekiem Douche Creme with Vitamin E
    I have never ever loved a Douche(Bath) Cream ever in my life that I would even think blogging about it! It never crossed my mind actually because I thought I would stick to face products and fashion and so. But lo and behold, I am writing it right now. I came to know and aware of this product because of my mother-in-law. She has this on her bathroom and decided to use it while I was staying there. One of the reason that attracted me to try it is the Vitamin E which is really good for our skin. And after two days of using it I said to myself I need to have this in Belgium. Unfortunately, they don't sell this product in Belgium so I can only buy it in Holland. 

    Product claims: Sanicur Wheat Tarwekiem Shower Cream is developed based on the most nutritious part of the wheat, the wheat seed. The wheat seed is rich in oils and vitamin E. Wheat seed shower cream activates the normal skin functions and has a regenerating and revitalizing effect on the skin tissue. Sanicur Tarwekiem Shower Cream is pH neutral and contains natural ingredients. Sanicur Tarwekiem Germ Shower Cream helps to keep it healthy and supple skin.

    I have really dry skin especially during Winter time and always flaky from my back down to my legs. When I removed my clothes, it has always have a dead skin residues falling and sticking to it. Really disgusting and annoying especially when I wear black clothes. When I used it my legs was not dry anymore and my clothes are clean! My skin has very few sometimes no traces of white flaky skin and it is really smooth and silky! I wish I bought 4 of this because so so sad news that I don't see them anymore. I went to all the shops I know that have them when I returned last july but to my horror I think they discontinued it. I checked their website and now they introduced 4 new products and there is no Tarwekiem anymore. I would maybe write to them to bring it back. Hopefully next season they will make it again. They only have now Dermo Olie for dry skin which I bought because I don't have any choice and maybe it will be good this coming winter because that's the start of my skin getting really dry. Luckily, we are still using half of the Tarwekiem Cream and hopefully still good before winter time. It is really a lot of product so I'm savouring every drop of it! I surely hope they make again the Tarwekiem. :(

    Verdict: Highly recommended! 
    Price: €3,99 (1000ml) 
    Repurchase?: YES! YES! YES! For the amount of money which is just 250ml for other products. This is really budget friendly plus it works like magic! I love everything about it plus the smell. Please Sanicur make this again! I'm begging you!!

    6. Inecto Pure Coconut Moisture Infusing Conditioner
    My hair has been a bit dry lately that's why I was looking for conditioner that will bring back the life from my hair. I have been avoiding products with paraben and I always read what's on the products. What I love about this product is it is all natural plus it is with Coconut! Coconut was really a popular hair treatment in the Philippines. I used to apply the milk from it before to make my hair shiny so it's nice to use a product that has ingredients that is familiar and tried and tested for how many years. 

    Product claims: Moisture Infusing Conditioner that nourishes hair and smoothes frizz. Contains 100% pure coconut oil to smooth and nourish dry, damaged hair.  Paraben free.

    How does it work?
    Moisture Infusing Conditioner has a super-rich but light formula which will leave hair glossy, shiny and superbly soft and manageable.

    Results:It has bountiful benefits for the hair and is perfect for dry, damaged hair so it becomes more managable with essential hydration, shine and smoothness.

    It smells coconut for sure! I can't say that It nourishes and smoothes frizz. My hair is not that dry anymore but it is definitely not shiny and glossy! With natural coconut milk it was really amazing result in comparison to this. But I am still using this less than a month so I will see until I finish using it. It is a lot compared to other conditioner because it is 500ml for €3,99. So really good value for the money but I will wait and see.

    Verdict: so so
    Price: €3,99 (500ml) 
    Repurchase?: Not sure yet! I will wait and see when the product is empty. I will try though the Inecto Argan shampoo since Argan oil is good
     for hair repair and hair nourishment, cure dandruff and 
    treat dry itchy skin on your scalp.

    7. Lavera Anti-dandruff Shampoo
    I have been battling my dandruff problem every winter. It has been a struggle. What makes it worse though is that even this summer I still have it! I tried the Organix tea tree  mint shampoo & conditioner because they say tea trea oil is really good in relieving dandruff. Although these products really feels nice after use because of the smell and the cool feeling you have because of the mint effect but it didn't really helpt my dandruff to go away. Maybe a bit not totally. For the price of it almost 20 euro for both. I expected so much that it let me down. It didn't really made my hair looked nice or any significant amazing result. So I changed and looked and searched until I went to Germany and went shopping with my cousin. She translated every product I grabbed and I asked her to find something for dandruff and she handed this to me and since it is a Natural product and good price I went and bought it. The brand looks familiar but never tried or bought one before. 

    Product claims: This anti-dandruff shampoo with mild coconut and sugar surfactants in combination with organic cornflower extracts frees the scalp in a gentle way of visible dandruff. With regular use, the shampoo helps to prevent the formation of dandruff. Bio-sage soothes the scalp and restores balance in connection with invigorating organic lemon extracts. Neem extracts and organic rosemary extracts have antibacterial. The shampoo also improves grip and manageability of the hair. ph-value: 5,0 - 5,5 - Without Silicone

    It really cured and removed my dandruff! I can happily say I'm dandruff free and hopefully it will remain until winter. I think it also helps that I use less warmer water when I take a shower. I think it is best even also during winter to wash your hair with cold water especially to dandruff prone like me. Because I read it somewhere that it will not aggrevate more when you don't use warm water when you wash your hair. Sadly I don't see any shop here in Gent that sells it. They have in Holland but far from Eindhoven. So maybe I will try to look to Bio shops and maybe I can find it or any alternative.

    Verdict: Highly recommended! 
    Price: more or less €3,00 (ml) 
    Repurchase?: Without a doubt! This is really natural product plus Vegan also! 

    That's about it. I hope you enjoyed and learn a bit from my post although it is so long (I hope it didn't bore you). Let me know if you tried these products and any recommendations/suggestions are always welcome and appreciated! 


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