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Argan Oil Love

I've been seeing various products with argan oil on the shop racks lately but was not really drown to them and just continued looking around before it finally caught my attention. At first I just really didn't bother but when my dandruff worsen I researched immendiately on good products that can help me because it seems that it never goes away and even worse than ever. And the one that was really consistent was Argan oil. It is rich in vitamin E and has a lot of benefits especially to dry, itchy scalp, dandruff and many more to name a few. 

Inecto Argan Shampoo & Conditioner

I specifically chose Inecto amongst all the products available in the market with Argan oil because it is paraben free and natural product plus it is 500ml so it will last really for a long time compared to the other brands. It is cost effective that's why I chose it. The only availabe here in Gent is Shampoo so I bought my conditioner in Holland plus it was 1+1 promo in Kruidvat so it was really a great bargain. I think what is also important is you only wash your hair with cold water because I noticed it doesn't aggrevate my dandruff. My hair smells divine after shower that's why I am really happy with these two.

500 ml  €3,99 each by Kruidvat

Kruidvat Argan

Since I love the Argan oil shampoo and Conditioner, I also looked for hair styling product which also contains Argan oil and when I was in the Kruidvat in Overpoort in Gent I saw this new line from Kruidvat brand itself which is there Argan oil  line and bought this one. One of the reason I think that I have dandruff is the fact that I use 2-3 hair styling products so maybe it is not good also and product build up is not really helping at all. That's why I decided to use solely this product for now for styling my hair. My hair is better and easy to brush. It is also heat protectant and anti frizz, makes my hair shiny and many other great benefits that's why this is really a great all in 1 product plus it is really a good price compared to the branded products. I am really happy I found this. I only use 3-4 pumps because I have really thick hair and after I blow dry or air dry my hair it has better result, soft, shiny, manageable plus it smells so good! I think it will last me 4-6 months because you only need few pumps because it will wear your hair down if you apply so much product on your hair. 

100ml for 2,49 by Kruidvat

I am pretty much convinced about all the hype with Argan oil and fortunately it worked so well for me and lessen my dandruff problem dramatically so I am so pleased to see improvement. I will maybe try the pure argan oil because you can leave it whole night and massage it to your scalp 30 minutes before taking a shower so maybe that is more effective. But for now I will wait and see, maybe it will be one of the gems of my beauty routine that will stay for good. I will let you know for sure. Have you tried Argan oil hair products also? 


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