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Bohemian Crown Braid

I love styling my hair and mostly I like to braid my hair. This would be my first time to post a hairstyle and hopefully more in the future because I am also as passionate as my make up as with my hair. I really have the patience to style if I have a lot of time and also when I am in a hurry I try to make my hair a bit styled that doesn't consume to much time but still looks nice. For this post I got inspired by a youtube tutorial that I have seen when I searched for a crown braid. I wanted to look something for summer because it was too warm and I wanted that my hair is up but in braid and it is really nice and pretty that's why I tried it but it was too hard for me. I think I can do it with other person but with myself it didn't look right and my hair is not long enough or it is too thick that it didn't look right. So when I saw this I immediately tried because it is so simple and really quick and everyone can do it. I like the curl parts and it is just so chic and pretty. The link of the video here

I just love how simple and yet very pretty result. I am still looking for more easy hairstyle and will share soon to all of you. Let me know if you tried this style!


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