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Good News for Beauty Lovers in Gent!

Two of the most popular beauty products is here in Gent finally! Hoera! I went last wednesday with a friend to window shop around Gent centrum and we went to my fave shops to look for make up since she wanted me to help her to look for perfect Autumn lipstick. My top fave store to go to everytime  is Di located at Zonnestraat. As part of my weekly routine I think I go there twice a week and I just love to be inside there. It is like a candyshop for me!

To my surprise when I entered the store this welcomed me...

Yes, Real Techniques is in town! I couldn't believe it because I didn't expect that they will be available in Belgium much more in the city where I live. This is so hard to find before that you can only buy it online. I bought mine in Eindhoven after long search. Every beauty bloggers I know raved about this brand and how good the quality is. I ony knew about this product from watching British bloggers and was so curious and convinced to try it because it is affordable than MAC brushes which is of course top quality but not budget friendly. I have already there Blush brush which I love so much and use everyday and also the Expert face brush which is also good for liquid foundation. I don't usually use it because I prefer applying with my hand and it is much more faster with my hand. My next wishlist is the Core Collection, Setting Brush, Stippling brush and Travel Essentials. I'm just happy that I don't need to wait until I'm back in Eindhoven to buy them. I just love this brand and the quality is superb and super soft especially the Blush brush is my saviour!

The next brand is one of the most loved and raved about from the beauty bloggers and that is....

The Balm! As you can see it is still not done but I already saw 4 types of eye palettes they sell and what I am really intrigued and curious about is the NUDE 'tude Palette from them. But because I don't really use eyeshadows so much and I have 2  Urban Decay's Naked palettes  so it is not smart to purchase something I don't really use often so I will try the blushers and their popular highlighters and can't wait! The Balm is not as cheap as the regular drugstore products so I think I will wait until it is on sale because they are as expensive as MAC sometimes even more! But I hope I will love the quality so we will see.

The next brand is Lollipops Paris. I have never heard and seen this product not until I was in Germany. After I saw it there I tried to research about it but there are not so much review I can find. Maybe it is still something to be discovered and maybe it will be a great product that is waiting to be unfolded. It has a cute packaging and design and I think it is from the owner of Guerlain. There is nothing that I particularly like for now from the products I tested from the store but maybe in the future. 

The next product that I am not still sure yet to come because I don't see any area yet from the store that they are preparing to place it but I surely hope it will come is Physicians Formula. I've known this product from one of my fave Make Up artists Carmindy. It is natural products and I've seen good reviews about it. The packaging are so cute and pretty and I am really looking forward to try their foundation, powders and blushers. I just hope it will be available here also.

Plus the great news is they are 25% off until November 25! I am not sure if Real Techniques is included but the other three products are. It is really great to know that Gent is getting more accessible to amazing products that are so hard to find before. I just wish NYX, Sleek, Ren Skincare, Liz Earle, Embryolisse, Soap & Glory, Too Faced, Stila, Seche Vite, Hourglass and so much more amazing beauty products will be available here in Gent. *Fingerscrossed!*

Have you tried these products yet?


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