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Got My Hair Trimmed!

After how many months, I finally decided to let my hair be trimmed because it was too long already and it is about time. Having your hair trimmed is good because it will make your hair look healthy and to get rid of split ends and damaged part of the hair. As you noticed when your hair gets longer the end part is thinner and prone for split ends and breakage. They said you need to have your hair trimmed every 6-12 weeks. It don't really do that. I just do it once a year but I think it is better for my hair and will probably try to do it more often.

I have been sporting short hair for the last 3 years and I finally decided to let it grow. I realized I looked mature with short hair when I look back with my pictures for the last 3 years  and I think long hair suits me better. 

I have been looking for hair inspirations and what I love most is the straight cut just below the shoulders. It looks more sophisticated and I just love how light it looks. I'm so happy I did it! My hair looks better and healthier. I have a very thick hair and one of my concerns was it will look so bulky when it is straight cut but it didn't. They have special tricks to remove the bulk and I'm glad it worked. To avoid paying  much to go to normal salon because it costs from 38€ and above so I went to a beautyschool here in Gent called PIHS and I just paid 12€ for it. Why would you pay for 40€ just for a straight cut? No way! I tried first to do it myself from watching youtube tutorials but it was not really good so it is better to let someone do it for me than it will be a disaster. I normally choose students that are level 6 or higher so they have more experience. Depends on the student some are really good so you can be lucky also. So basically go at your own risk but there is an instructor that helps and check their work so in case something is wrong they can correct it.

I think I will maintain this type of haircut or maybe a bit shorter but I am planning to make my hair darker and I have been eyeing a hair color from Lóreal and I want to do for the first time to dye my own hair so I hope it will work fine and great on me. I will let you know soon! 


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