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My Méduse Wellies!

This is my first online purchase ever! I had enough from the weather here in Belgium when I was soaking wet when it rained last week. Having my boots soaking wet even inside while walking was not pleasant at all so I immediately searched for Wellington boots to the site I last checked with so much choices and luckily was on sale also. I immediately bought it because it was only 3 pairs left plus it was 50% off! I am normally hesitant to order online because it might not fit me well and it is different from the pictures online and don't want to return anything and go through all that hassle but I gambled and I am pretty sure with my shoe size now and it was worth it!

It is from the brand designed and produced in the West of France. I first searched reviews about it, the history and background. I have never heard and seen any of their products not until I looked for rain boots. For all of you who doesn't know the brand. They started making beach sandal which made them popular in 1946 and developed different rubber footwear designs all over the years and sold  over 100 million products.  It seems really a good brand and I actually seen one in one of the stores here and I noticed it is really sturdy and good quality type and not cheap looking. I don't want wellies that looks like I will go gardening while going to public place. I wanted to still look chic even if it is rain boots and fashionable. And it ticks all the boxes that I was looking for. 

It is long enough and it hugs really good to my calves. Very comfy and really good to walk around. I love how shiny and how beautifully they moulded these boots. It really has a luxury vibe from it. I especially love the brown leather type lining which is a nice & pretty touch that gives it elegance which is hard to find in most of the rain boots around.  Since I bought it, it didn't rain yet so hopefully it will deliver good and meet my expectations. Lookwise I am very contented and happy plus it was a real bargain because from 70€ I bought it for only 35€!  Plus free pick up from the nearest pick up store in my neighborhood which is just 6 mins walk so not bad at all. And it was indeed delivered after 1 day so it was really fast and I am so happy with that. No hassles and was quick order process. 

I love the look with the very cute logo sign from the brand which has sparkly diamond like jewel. The only problem is the boots is so hard to remove! I need my husband to help me remove them. I tried to put baby powder or wear plastic bag before wearing them because that's what they said on the internet to make it easier but it is still a pain to remove. That's the only downside but overall I am really happy with this first online purchase of mine that I know will be really useful especially here that it rains a lot. I would love to buy their low boots because it is good when it is not winter time and hopefully it is much easier to remove. I love the designs of the low boot type a lot! I have come to realize that having wellies really come in handy but I don't want to spend 100€+ like Hunter boots because it is insane to spend that amount of money for rain boots! I know it is the most popular one and I don't like the designs so no thanks.

Bought at Sarenza Belgium link here

 Do you own wellies too?


  1. J'adore les bottes de cette marque j'en possède plusieurs, trop belle et haute surtout comme j'aime

    1. Hi, I did love the look of this but it was too hard to remove it. I needed help all the time. But great quality and looks really stylish for a rain boots. And very durable too.

  2. Compra un sacabotas, son muy baratos y no tendras mas problemas al quitarte tus botas.

    1. Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I will keep it in mind the next time I would need one again. 🙂


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