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Wishlist 2015

New year comes my yearly wishlist that I'm dreaming to have this year! Some I've been eyeing & longing for a long time and others have been a recent must have for me.

The first two are from one of my fave blogger Alix from which I saw she uses for her hair. I am an avid reader of her site and always looking forward to her new posts. I particulary notice how her perfect her hair looks like especially when it is curled and I really want to achieve that effect. One of her youtube tutorials before showed how she does her hair and she used these two products.

1. Babybliss New Big Hair here

She used it for her bangs and it looked so nice after but I intend to use this all over my hair. I particulary got interested after I had my hair cut and how I loved the blow out look after the cut and would love to do that everytime for my hair without going to the salon. And after long search I finally decided to really have one but when I looked at it at it is stated that  it is only suitable for UK use because of the plug compatibility I think. So I searched for a version here which has also 50mm barrel. They don't have the same design as in UK but I found one with same size barrel and it is the Babybliss AS550E available at Mediamarkt here

Although I prefer the look of the UK version but this version is not bad. Purple is also nice color but the black one look sleeker and nicer. This one has two barrels which is 50mm and 35mm. I'm not sure if the 35mm will suit me but I prefer more volume so I think I will use more the 50mm one. But I will see when I have, I will let you know!

2. TRESemme Volume Curl Wand here

This one is for making lovely waves and Alix really knows well how to manipulate her hair and looks so effortlessly done. I just hope I can have her skills on curling her hair because it looks so gorgeous everytime. Sadly, there is no TRESemme sold in Belgium and in the Netherlands so I will try to look for the same size barrel because I don't see anything yet on internet. Hopefully I can find one during some random visits at Mediamarkt. The size of the barrel is
32 mm to 19 mm so if you know one please let me know! I am really hoping there would be a counterpart here available. My search starts now...

3. GHD Limited Edition Rose Gold Styler Set here

I am inlove with Rose Gold for some time now. I had my first rose gold gift last year during christmas and it was a bracelet. The person who gave it to me said it was the "in" color of the moment and I fell in love right away and looked immediately for earrings to match my bracelet. And when I saw this iron in Feelunique website, it was love at first sight! Isn't it lovely? I am not that satisfied with my flat iron right now and I am looking for a better alternative and I know this would be perfect when money is not an option of course! I know the price is extremely expensive but alot of people said it is worth all the money! If my memory serves me right, I used to use one during my Aupair days because my host mother had one. She also had a Parlux hairblower and I was so amazed by it because it dried my hair so fast like no other. I learned that these brands are used by most popular salons and hairstylists. But for blowdryer I want to have the same rose gold one from ghd because it would be a lovely pair in my bathroom to have.

This is the GHD Rose Gold Deluxe. It is so expensive so I can only dream on. I just love every detail of it!

4. Zoeva Rose Gold Luxy Set here

Speaking of Rose Gold, these brush set is divine to look at! What a beauty! I am sold right away the moment a fave blogger of mine included this on one of her wishlist as well. There are so many good reviews about it and I can't wait to have them. It is expensive but when you divide the price for 8 brushes, it isn't bad after all. They are still way cheaper than MAC and other popular products. I don't have any brush set yet, I only have three reliable brushes so this would be the perfect set for me to start with. I hope it will be on sale but if not then it would be worth saving. Fortunately, they are available to a lot of dutch online shops that accepts bancontact like here and one shop in Gent that I can go to called Beauty Queen but there were no rose gold brushes to be found in their store when I went there two weeks ago but I saw they have them on their website so hopefully I can have them this year!

 5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette here

I have been seeing alot of posts about this brand since last year. It was suddenly an instant hit to all popular bloggers especially their Ambient Lighting blushers. I saw post after another but didn't really care because it is nowhere to be found in Belgium nor Holland in a website or a store that I can physically go and check to. I have been using my Clarin's translucent powder for two years now  so I am searching already in advance in case I need a new one already and this would be the perfect replacement. But I'm still half way of my Clarin's which I didn't expect it will last so long! Come to think of it, I didn't post yet a review about it so I might make one soon.

According to the brand:

"Ambient Lighting Powder is a groundbreaking collection of finishing powders that capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects on skin. Unlike traditional powders, which merely cloak imperfections, Ambient Lighting Powder utilizes photoluminescent technology to filter out harsh light and refine the appearance of the complexion. The powders deliver a multidimensional luminescence to every skintone, making it appear softer and lit from within. The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography. With three universal shades available in the Ambient palette, you can create any desired effect."

So I am really curious how it will translate on my skin and I have read a lot of positive and great reviews about it so hopefully it will blow me away and will make an amazing difference to my skin if ever I am able to purchase it. *Fingerscrossed* 

6. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk here

I came to know this product via Lisa Eldridge's blog. I saw it on her product list of the cleanser she uses and I think it was on her old video for her skincare routine. I never tried a cleansing milk facial wash before so I am really excited to try this one. They said it feels luxurious when you use it so I am really looking forward to use it! I love the ingredients because it is natural and I am really sold with the amazing reviews about it. Lucky enough there is a pharmacy near where I live that sells this brand exclusively in Gent (I guess) so I would really buy it as soon as my cleanser is finished. It is also available in de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven and on their website.

7. Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner here

And the next one is their Facial Toner which also Lisa raved about. Alot of people seems to be amazed also by this and I think it would be perfect combination of the cleansing milk. There is also a special version of toner which is more for acne or combination skin that has lactic acid so maybe I would try that also. Depends what would be my skin at the moment. Lisa specifically said that she looks for skincare product that has lactic acid on it because it is really good for the skin so I am really excited to try these products from Dr. Hauschka. I have been only buying natural products for my skin recently and I think I will be sticking and opting for it from now on. I especially avoid anything that has parabens so this brand is really perfect for me.

8. Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant here

Another recommendation from Lisa Eldridge that she swears by. I really need at least twice a week to exfoliate my skin because I tend to have dry patches quickly when I don't exfoliate. I tried already the Clarin's gentle exfoliating toner but it is not working good for me and doesn't exfoliate good for my liking plus I have always a breakout whenever I use it so I prefer really a good facial scrub to help me with my dry patches especially around the nose part. There is nothing so annoying as when my powder or foundation clings to my dry patches that's why a good facial scrub is essential for me. Since this is the fave one of Lisa, I am really curious about this product. It has all the amazing ingredients and of course the lactic acid. Although this is not my usual price range or should I say way over my budget but it would be a perfect gift or reward for myself this year. I have seen a cheaper alternative from Ren Skincare so maybe I would try that first. Hopefully I can try the skincare range of dermalogica somdeday. *wishful thinking*

9. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser here

I have been really curious how hot cloth works for the face. I never tried a muslin cloth so it is handy that this comes with muslin cloth as well. They said it will clean your face better than just using your hands and it just feels to me a really soothing routine at night before going to bed. I have never seen one in Belgium and the Netherlands but they are seem to be popular in UK. Sadly, they are also only available there. I can't find any stores or webshops in Belgium and the Netherlands that sells this product. I had a bit hope when I saw Ren skincare has one but when I went to de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven, they don't have it either and also in their website. So I can only get to try  it when I go to UK or if I know someone is going there and let them buy it for me which is a pity. I don't have credit card also so I can't order online so it is frustrating at times. I hope it would be available here soon though so that we can experience this lovely product.

10. Soap & Glory The Soapremes Gift Set here

This brand is only available also in UK or Sephora so it is really sad. I saw one available at Douglas online shop in Holland but no more products available now. I saw on the Douglas website in Germany you can order some products but not so much selection unlike when you buy at boots. I would really be overjoyed when the popular products from boots will be sold here like Liz Earle, Soap & Glory and the like. I read alot of nice reviews about their hand lotion when I was looking for remedies for my very dry hands this winter. And after checking out their products I want to try even more. This is the perfect set to try their products. Anything about skin pampering is perfect for me! I just hope there will be shops here in Belgium to sell this brand. Calling Di Beauty Belgium! ;)

That's about it. Hopefully I will be able to have them this year. Lucky enough, Í can buy one from the fashioncheque I received  last christmas. Can't wait! 

 What is your wishlist this year?


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