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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Review

My long time wait is over. I have been eyeing for this cream for so long now and I finally gave in and ordered it. At first I wanted to check the pharmacies here to see  if they have this brand but to no avail. So after checking from online shops I finally placed my order at douglas because they deliver it for free no matter how much you order! Great right? 

Although I didn't receive it right away because when you order it on thursday in Belgium, it will be delivered on the coming tuesday so not bad at all since it is for free shipping. This is my second purchase online and I was so excited to receive it. I love how they nicely wrapped the product and the box looks nice and neat. Every order you can choose two samples of your choice. I am just pleased how smooth and easy it was to order. Lucky enough I can pay thru ideal because my husband's account is from Holland so it will be hard from people here in Belgium because you can't pay thru bancontact unless you have a credit card I think you are good to go.

This has been the most loved and raved about by make up artists to use as moisturizer and I just have to have it! Of course, I did my good research and read a lot of reviews about it before deciding to finally purchase one. I like it because I can use it as a night moisturizer as well and you can also use it as a make up remover.

The verdict..

I love this product so much! I love the formula and smell of it. It is not sticky at all and the consistency is not thick for me because I read alot of people find it very heavy for them that's why they just use it at night instead in the morning. It dries fast and I just love how relaxed my skin feels after I apply it. It made a huge difference because my face is not as dry as before (due to unhealthy eating and not drinking too much water) and I find my foundation application is better than before because I don't see any horrible dry patches but of course I still need to exfoliate twice a week to prevent it and it just gave my skin the moisture that it needs especially this winter time. It will last long also because it is 75ml unlike the Avene that I used to buy which is only 40ml. 

I am really happy and contented that I bought this one. I really needed help asap because my skin was so dehydrated and no cream made so much difference like this from Embryolisse. I would definitely repurchase and will try the cream with spf this summer. I would love to try more their skincare products because I am really happy with this cream. I hope they would sell this at the pharmacies here because it is strange that we live near Paris and we have all sorts of French brands products but this brand is no where to be found. I am really looking forward to my next purchase!

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