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Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

I am into more on lip products lately, I have been thinking about them quite alot which is not normal. I didn't expect that I would become a lipstick (any lip products for that matter) lover because I can count using my fingers how much lip products I have. Recently, I developed a love affair with them and now I just can't get enough of them! The brand that I would feature today is by far my favorite and most used lip product in my tiny collection. I have been planning to buy them for a long time but got convinced the moment I saw Lisa Eldridge's two video tutorials using them and recommending them and it really looked good on her. Of course I searched alot of reviews about it  although I have seen quite reviews from the past before buying one. I have read alot of good reviews about it and the swatches I have seen are amazing. And it was timely because I was looking for a replacement for my two year old Clarin's Colour Quench Lip Balm and I got tired of it because it doesn't give any color to my lips. I wanted a bit tint but still hydrating and subtle that is good for everyday wear. And these lip butters are perfect for me!  

The packaging is not the most luxurious looking out there but a very simple one. It helps that I can see thru the head part because there were no tester for all products so it has handy. It is very light and just very easy to manipulate. 

I first bought the Peach Parfait because it is my fave among the lip butter line and it is more for everyday wear for me which I do use it almost everyday and I am half way of my tube now which I think it really doesn't lasts long but it is not a problem for me because I bought it around September or October so not bad. And then after a week or 2 there was 15% off in Planet Parfum in Veldstraat Gent so I grabbed the opportunity to buy my next fave the Pink truffle. I should have bought the Macaroon instead of the OPI product I purchased and regret because Macaroon was my third choice. I only wanted the 3 of them out of all the lip butter line for Revlon and sadly they don't sell it anymore in Planet Parfum because I saw they removed the Revlon stall last week so maybe they won't sell it anymore which is a pity because they are the only shop in Gent that sells Revlon products although not that wide variety but they had the colors that I liked especially the Lip butters. I also bought my concealer there before and was really happy with it and eyeliner. I hope it will return here or else I can just order them online from Dutch online shops.

My lips without any product

But because my lips are extra dry during winter I apply first this Labello Hydro Care Lip Balm which is really good! I have been contemplating to buy the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Nurishing Lip Balm but it is not quick and handy for me when it is not in tube form and it is very expensive plus I can't stand the smell of it so better not. This Labello Lip balm is not sticky nor greasy. It is transparent, absorbs quickly and it is almost matte for me and really pleasant to wear and no smell or taste when you wear it. The perfect base for lipstick. It doesn't affect the color or application of the lipstick neither. Plus it has an spf of 10!

So now back to the Lip Butter. I particulary like lip products without a separate wand because it is easier for me to apply especially when I am outside. What I love about them is that I can just go out of the house with a bit foundation, powder and these lip butters and I am good to go. It just gives life to my face without exerting so much effort and within 3 minutes I can feel put together. I particulary use the Peach Parfait more because I don't need to retouch it even if I eat or drink, it still stays and doesn't move. I love the hint of sparkle of it which is not over the top but subtle. I think this is good to every type of skintone and it is just the perfect shade for everyday use. I will repurchase over and over again this product without a doubt!
The next one is Pink truffle. I use this if I think I need more color on my face because it brightens up my look and give the life that it needs. This takes more effort in applying than the Peach Parfait one because it moves abit and takes awhile before it settles that's why I need to be more careful and I need a mirror everytime I apply it. I also notice that it doesn't last long compared to the Peach Parfait but it is so hydrating to my lips and I really love how it feels when I apply and wear it. 
I read alot of complaints that they break off easily which is not a problem at all to me because I make sure that I don't twist it more than half of the product but 1/8 or almost near to the head of the product to prevent that from happening so problem solved! As easy as that.

I am looking forward to have the Macaroon. They are just lovely to use  and I am really happy that I bought this product. Revlon really makes amazing lip products. There is a subtle taste and smell of the products that I barely notice when I apply it. Unlike other products that there is a certain not so pleasant taste that remains in my mouth the whole time I am wearing it. 

Price:  €11,99 (Planet Parfum Gent)

Have you tried these lip butters too?


  1. I have both of these lip butters and love them! I also noticed that they melt into their tube a bit, but I think they're fun to wear, so I tend not to mind it.

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    1. Hello, Vivian!

      Thanks for dropping by. I don't really see them melting yet. Hopefully not! *fingerscrossed*
      Indeed,they are fun to wear and very easy too!

      Thank you for nominating me. I will check it out.



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