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Babyliss iPro Rotating Brush 800 Review

Want to achieve salon blowout without forking out alot of money in the comfort of your own home? Then this product is for you. I particularly wanted to have Warm Air Brush from Babyliss when I had a haircut and I just like the way my hair looked after the blowout. I used to just iron my hair and I felt it made my hair look flat. I can't use a hairblower and brush at the same like how hairdressers do because it is just difficult for me and I think you really need to have good skills to do that yourself and patience I suppose. With this electric brush you just need to hold it and it does the rest. Easy as that. Of course it needs a little getting used to because it was abit confusing at first with how should I control the turning. But I watched so many video tutorials of it that I got the hang of it after trying it once. 

I was planning to save for it because it costs around €60 in all the websites I looked at so it came to a surprise when I got it for very low price because it was on 75% discount at Kruidvat in Overpoortstraat, Gent and wanted to do a happy dance at the store. It was the last product I guess and it was just brilliant timing when I saw it. Lucky me! It only costed me €16,22 originally €44.99 so I saved €33,75! So it is best to check Kruidvat during sale time especially if you want to save on beauty tools because they offer really good discount. That I will do from now on. 

The brush is very light. I thought it would be heavy because how big it is. It has two brushes: 30mm(for shoulder length hair) and 50mm (for longer hair). I use the 50mm and it is the perfect size for me. I first knew about the Babyliss Big Hair in UK and looked for an alternative here because they don't sell and offer same products each country. Lookwise, I prefer the Big Hair one because it looks sleeker but I think they offer the same performance. And I love purple so a pluspoint!

Here are the product feautures:

• Compact design & slim handle: comfort, easy use.
• 800 Watts: fast drying & styling.
• Soft boar/bristle brush: shiny finish and smooth hair effect.
• 2 interchangeable rotating brushes :
- Thermal coating 35 mm: for shoulder-length hair styling.
- Ceramic coating 50 mm: for long hair styling.
• 2 ways rotating:
- easy use: right or left handed,
- easy shape: internal or external shape tips.
• Ionic function: optimize hair protection & intensify hairstyling products effect. Neutralize static electricity hair for glossy hair without frizz.
• 2 settings airflow/temperatures : to adjust air and temperature airflow while drying or styling.
• Cool air position: to fix final hairstyle
• Swivel cord: easy use.
• On/Off switch.

Excuse my hair. Here is my hair after blowdrying it until 80%-90% dry. I usually air dry it because I am lazy but I would meet friends this day so I needed to prepare earlier. My hair is really frizzy and unruly at times. And the humid here makes it worse! So at times when I don't have time to iron it I just make my hair in a bun or braid it to hide how it really looks like.

To help ease the frizz I use this L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protection Styling Spray Volume which was a brilliant discovery of mine. I was looking for anti humectant product for my hair that is cheaper than the Aveeno one because it is just so expensive and not easy to find in Belgium. And I looked at the aisles of Di in Gent and saw two alternatives the John Frieda and this from L'Oréal. I choose L'Oréal because I remember I didn't like the serum that I tried from John Frieda before for anti frizz. It smells amazing, gives wonderful volume although my hair is really thick but it gives that oomph to my hair plus it has heat protection which is really important as well. It does the job although I still have a bit frizz the following day especially my front hair but not as bad as before. It claims to give volume upto 3 days which I agree and although my hair is not as fab as the first day but I noticed my hair has that wonderful volume, shine and very few traces of frizz upto the third day. The price is more or less €8.

The verdict:



You can see how my hair transformed. I couldn't be any happier! I am really amazed everytime I use it. I don't think I would iron my hair ever again. If only you can purchase a brush and brush protector because I noticed the bristles is wider now and I don't know how can they be protected when I travel. I hope the brush will last though for a long time because I don't think I can just buy a brush for it. The brush are soft and the heat is tolerable. It takes me almost 20 minutes to finish my entire hair because I have very thick hair but I don't really mind when the result is this. My hair is so shiny like no other. Very Soft, bouncy and has an amazing volume. I would really recommend this to all of you. Bad hair day no more! ;)


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