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Battle of the Best Fast Dry Top Coat

Waiting for my nail polish to dry for like forever is just a thing in the past now thanks to quick drying top coat. I can finally not wait for ages before I can move after my nail polish application. It was hard especially before if I apply it at night because I can't go to bed right away because I want to make sure everything is dry and it won't have pillow or line marks when I wake up so I used to wait upto 1.5 to 2 hours before it is done. Thanks to this genius invention or innovation I am able to do my nails as quick as possible. 

I first bought the O.P.I. RapiDry Top Coat because I was really desperate to find not just a good quality one but fast drying top coat as well. And I know that O.P.I is one of the best brand for nail products out there and based on my research has really good reviews about it. I did get it for 15% off discount which was great and was really excited because this was my first O.P.I. purchase. I was never tempted to buy their nail polishes because I find it expensive and alot because I normally get tired of a color quickly so it is not smart to buy that volume if I won't use it so much and might not like it after few use. 

The verdict..

To be honest, I am really disappointed with this product. Even if I use the best of high end kind of nail polish like Dior or Essie it just chips right away. Worse after just few hours especially also if I use cheap kind of nail polish it just doesn't work. Although it is really fast drying but the finish is not that special. Not really shiny and gel type. It is just the usual and cheaper ones has even better result than this, the only advantage is just quick drying but that's about it. I normally wait until 30 minutes to be sure but I might be okay after 10 minutes or so but I try not to wash my hands right away. When I apply this and if I wash my hands often then it won't stay long and would chip in an instant. I just use it for my toes so it won't go to waste. It lasts long but that is really the case for my toes no matter what top coat I use because it is not so exposed that's why the polish stays really long. I won't certainly repurchase but maybe someday I will try some of the nail polish especially the color that I know I would love to wear all year round so it is worth purchasing and not just a spur of the moment. 

Price: € 19,90 Planet Parfum Gent

The next one is without a doubt the most favorite top coat ever and it is the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Although it smells like paint but tolerable when you at least open the window after wards to have fresh air. It is so shiny after almost gel like and even if I wash the dishes and wash my hands often it still doesn't chip right away. The longest staying power with me is for a week! That is a record from all the top coat I tried. It dries so quick also but still to be sure I wait after 30 minutes before I wash my hand. I first had a problem because it shrinks after few hours but I searched so long and read so many tips to avoid it and finally I got the hang of it. The best tip that helped me to overcome this was from a blogger here

The verdict..

I would definitely repurchase although it is expensive compared if you buy it online. I bought it for  €14,40 and with online shops it is just less than  €8 so I am just thinking I paid for the delivery because it would be the case if I order it online. There is a bit concern of this product because of the ingredient called Toluene which is used as solvent found in paints, adhesives, etc. That explains maybe that it smells like paint varnish. Research says that it can cause birth defects and other health problems but when it is used in small amount of concentration like in nail polishes then it is safe for use. But it is best maybe to avoid it when you are pregnant to be safe. I don't regularly use it also so I am not really worried but I will be cautious. To know more I found a really good explanation for this issue with this blog here.

Price: €14,40 Beauty Queen Gent

I would also like to try other fast dry top coats. I've read that Sally Hansen's version is also great so I might try that when the Seche Vite is done. I'm just worried about the Seche Vite because they said when you use it halfway it will start to thickened and you need to buy the restorer for it so I hope I won't be able to do that but if ever it will happen I will just buy the SH one instead. It will be really annoying to pay that kind of money and then halfway you need to spend more to be able to continue using it, isn't it? We shall see and will let you know.

What is your favorite top coat?


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