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How to Turn Glass Candle Holder to a Make Up Brush Holder

Since I got my Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set brush I wanted to have a pretty and simple brush holder for them that I can see and appreciate their beauty everyday. I knew I wanted something transparent. I have been searching for easy and simple diy make up brushes holder but nothing really jumps out to me. I tried looking around for pretty candle holders because in the blogging world, using candle holders has been popular lately but nothing I liked. I don't have anything fancy candles but I do have an old Ikea Sinnlig Scented Candle that I don't use for months now. When I saw it lying around my house collecting dust, I suddenly had an idea to use it for my brushes. It is the perfect size to put make up brushes and plus it is so easy to do. I searched how to remove the candle out of the glass and this is how I did. 

After I washed my dishes I didn't throw the water instead I let the candle be soaked for a few hours then I went to do groceries. When I came back, the candle was loosen up and floated already so it is very easy to remove. So I just washed it again to remove excess wax from the candle and the sticker because it is not really nice to leave it on but some candles have really pretty looking labels or stickers which you can keep so you should just add warm water inside instead of deeping the whole thing to save the sticker.

And voila, I have my brush holder! I love it because I can see all the parts of my brush because I used to have a brush holder that I only saw the top part of it so this is really perfect. I opted to keep it simple because I can't find any diy design that I like so this is neater and who needs more bling when your brush looks like this right?

How do you store your make up brushes?


  1. this is so helpful. i actually have a ton of candle glasses lying around

    1. Hi! It's very late reply for this comment but thank you, anyway. :)

  2. i never know the use of adobe shadow until i saw this post. thank you for this! this is very helpful.


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