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L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Nails in Nouvelle Vague

It's spring time and my nails are looking pretty because it is the pastel time of the year. I bought this shade a year ago and just realized I never had review or post about it. Since, I don't have plans in buying new polishes this year because I have enough for the coming years. I plan to used up at least half of my collection or only buy a certain color when I really like it and when it is empty. Luckily, I have great & pretty colors in my collection and I'm really pretty satisfied with them.

I never thought of buying Lóreal nail polish not until someone mentioned to me that it is really good quality and doesn't chip right away. I kept that in mind and when I was looking for new polish that time I went and looked for their pastel edition because I saw a lot of blog posts about them last year so I wanted to have one myself.

I bought two and this one is my fave. I just love the color and it will suit any skin tone. The brush is amazing! The application is easy breezy and fast because there is no any problem with the application. I like doing three coats but two coats will also be enough. Then I use my Seche Vite Fast Drying top coat after. And voila, I'm done in a few minutes. It pretty stays and doesn´t chip upto 3 to 4 but if you wash or come in contact with water  frequently then it would not stay that long so it really depends how you take care of your hands.

I would definitely buy from Lóreal again and will highly recommend it to all of you. It is not cheap but definitely not overly expensive. I bought mine during sale in Kruidvat last year so it was not that bad. 
What is your fave nail polish for spring?


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