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Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set
Having a great set of make up brushes is essential for make up lovers because it will change how you apply your make up and will give you better results. And it is a bonus when it looks as pretty as these beauties. I didn't invest on make up brushes before and just bought mostly from drugstore or they are included with the palettes that I have. Some are great and the rest I can live without. This is not just a spur of the moment purchase but a well searched, thought and long awaited beauty wishlist. Thanks to the blogging world I came to know this brand and this specific set that I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw it. This is indeed a pretty ensemble in any make up station/table and I can just look at it and smile. I didn't even want to use it because it is just so pretty to use.

This set has 8 brushes, 5 for face & 3 for eyes. I took a picture how it is prefectly wrapped and packed so you have an idea how carefully they are handled which is great.
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

Face brushes
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set
110 Face Shape: Contour the face shape with cream and powder products
~ I still didn't use this for cream products because I don't have one yet and I don't really contour my face but I think it would be too small for contouring below the cheeks but if you like detailed contouring like for the nose this would be perfect. I tried it for applying my Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish and fortunately it is perfect for highlighting your face. I am really happy because I've been wanting a brush for my highlighter and this does the job for me. I am yet to try how it would be with cream blushers because I would love to have one and maybe it would convert me to use cream blushers more.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: Apply powder blush
~ This is my second angled blush brush but this feels much softer. It smells funny though(maybe because it is from goat's hair). I apply it with my powder blusher but I feel that this is better for contouring. I prefer a tapered type of blush brush like the Real Techniques' one because I can swirl it around my cheeks while this is a bit of a struggle but it's just me. I just feel I can control and manipulate easier with my RT Blush brush. The downside is that the hair fells off a bit(not much about one or two hairs) when I am using it.

102 Silk Finish: Apply and blend foundation
~ This is my everyday essential. It is so soft that I think too soft for liquid foundation. I would like it more if it was denser like the RT Expert brush for foundation application. But I still love it though, for me it could have been perfect if they made it a tad denser or stiffer. It feels like a dream when I apply it on to my face and I really appreciate how soft and lovely it feels everytime I use it.

106 Powder: Apply loose and pressed powder

~ This is my fave among the set. This is the softest brush I own. Perfect for setting my make up using my Clarin's Mineral Loose Powder. It applies the powder perfectly and setting my make up beautifully. I am really happy that I finally own the perfect powder brush because I bought and used the wrong ones for a long time. I am really happy I waited for this. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

The Eyes set & Concealer brush
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set
317 Wing Liner: Detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing
~ This is also one of my everyday essential. It is softer than my previous Essence gel eyeliner brush but I prefer that more because it is stiffer and makes the application of my Covergirl Liquilineblast much easier and faster. This is so soft that's why I don't think it is ideal for lining my upperline lashes let alone for making wing/cateye look because I normally line my waterproof eyeliner as close as possible with my lashline because that makes my eyes look bigger. If only it is denser & stiffer then this could be perfect. But that being said, I still use it because it is such a shame to just let it sit there and I think I would get used to it in the process. 

231 Luxe Petit Crease: Accentuating and blending in the crease
~ This is new for me because I never had a brush like this. I love accentuating more above the socket/crease of my eyes which this brush is perfect for. It really gives more depth and lovely application. It gets the right amount of product also and I noticed it looks much better than using the shader brush to create depth to the eyes. 

227 Luxe Soft Definer: Softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
~ They all say this is the dupe for the MAC 217 and everyone is raving about it. I never tried the MAC one and have no firsthand experience how wonderful it is but what I know is that Lisa Eldridge practically uses it on every tutorial she makes so that makes it a must have for every make up lover out there. For me, I prefer my good old eye shader brush which was gaven to me by my cousin and have no idea which brand it is from. I have a feeling it is most probably from Germany because she lives there and she used to follow a make up course there where she got the make up brush from. This Luxe soft definer is too long and stiff for me. I don't like how it glides and applies my eyeshadow. This could have been softer, smaller and wider. Maybe it is just me but I hope in the long run I get the hang of it. I'm just not used to it but I won't stop trying and using it. We will see how it goes.

142 Concealer Buffer: Apply and blend concealer
~ This is my second fave from this set. I used to apply concealer using my fingers which takes so long and messy but thanks to this, my dilemma is finally over. I love how I can just easily apply my concealer and the finish is much better than using my fingers. I usually buff this brush and it covers the blemishes perfectly. You can apply it every corner of your face and doesn't have the creases under my eyes after I set my make up with the loose powder. This is just the perfect brush for concealing! 
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set

This comes also with a pretty pouch that I can use for traveling which is ideal because I used to mix my make up with my brushes in one pouch which made it so crowdy and unruly. I love the luxury feel that I get from this set and I am really happy that I waited before investing for make up brush set. I'm glad that my hubby purchased it for me and was persuaded after I said I won't buy any make up brush again(goodluck to that!). It is truly worth it and will make every make up station so chic. I am more enthousiastic to apply my make up than before and it change how I apply and the finish of my make up. Zoeva is really a fantastic discovery from blogging world. It is truly worth the hype! I hope they will make the whole make up brushes line to rose gold so that my brushes would be uniform and I would love to order more like buffing brush and I hope they make the eyebrow brush as well. Of course I would love to add the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set in my collection but because I rarely do an eye make up it is better to invest on brushes I know I am going to use often. 

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Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set
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