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Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara

I really stick with it comes to mascaras that I really like but after a long time I suddenly decided to try something else, a cheaper alternative that I might love and would be my next gem. I have read a lot of great features of this mascara way back from magazines and beauty websites. So when I was browsing in Holland I saw this one and you can't really miss it because of its vibrant neon packaging so it really caught my attention and remembered that it is known as one of the best mascaras ever so I decided to give it a try. I originally wanted to buy waterproof one because I am afraid it would smudge because I have very sensitive eyes that it gets watery and I just get tears every once in a while. But there was not waterproof available at the store and it was only a black mascara. I usually like Black/Brown mascara because it is not so intense but because there was no other one so I just gave it a shot.

Here is how it looks when I don't have any eye make up on. My eyes look tired and I look dull and no life plus the eye bags are so prominent!

And here it is after I lined my eyes with the Covergirl Liquilineblast in brown following the upper lash line as close as possible so my lashes will have a thicker effect. Then I curl my lashes with my Tweezerman curl lash and followed with 3 coats of the maybelline mascara with 20-30 seconds interval per coat to give it some time to rest in between coats because I read in a blog that it is better not to apply right away each coat and wait for a bit before applying the next one which I think really works well and prevents it to clump so really a good trick.

It really gives the volume and lengthening that I need. I love the formula because it is really wet, just the perfect formula and consistency that's why it is so easy to manipulate. And it doesn't dry right away unlike other mascaras that after a month or less it becomes so dry that you can't enjoy it anymore. It separates my lashes really good and although it is not a waterproof mascara it does not smudge at all even if I have teary eyes or accidentally rub my eyes. I just feel that it has the staying power as what any other waterproof mascara I tried. And because I avoided black mascara for a long time I am happy that I tried this because it doesn't look intense or strong for day look and it suits me well because I have naturally black hair so I feel really silly avoiding black for a long time. It is not overpowering and it still looks natural so I am happy about that. It is not easy to remove so I still need a good waterproof eye make up remover to take it off.

I got to say that it is worth all the hype and now I know why it is one of the most loved mascaras ever. I am already on my third tube and that says a lot. I was also lucky to bought it when it was 1+1 free in Kruidvat in Holland so it is really great to stock up and wait until the next promo which I am so amazed in Holland because they offer so much great promos whenever I am there. Unfortunately, they don't sell this in the shops here in Belgium but you can order it online like in or any dutch online shops. 

Price11.49 Kruidvat NL

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