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Essie Marshmallow

I've been loving white nail polish lately but I'm not quite decided if I will splurge on them just yet. As I have noticed that good quality brands like Essie is really better than just buying cheaper alternatives because they last longer and doesn't chip right away. It is really disheartening when your nail polish is off after a day or worse a few hours when you put effort and time on painting them.  

Anyways, I've had this Essie Marshmallow for almost 3 years now and barely used it. I bought this for the purpose on trying french nail tip but it was so hard and time consuming that I forgot about it and didn't do it anymore. Since I've been lusting white nail polish recently, I just remembered I have a shade that quite as close as white as I can get so I decided to use it again after years of neglect. At first I was not really into white polish when it became a trend last year I think but my feelings changed this year and want to try something new that I never dare to wear before.

This shade is very sheer and tends to be streaky. I applied 5 coats! It is insane but I didn't like the result when I did 3 coats which I normally do. I noticed there are some corners that are not covered enough for my liking and it is just so sheer for me, hence, the 5 coats. I think the Blanc version from Essie is what I would really like with it comes to the effect and consistency. I have been eyeing on it every visit at Di in Gent and maybe I will wait until there will be a promo because it is a bit pricey. 

As you can see it appears maybe a tad thicker on pics because of how many coats I applied but still it has a pretty result. Not pearly white but more on pastel cream side. I finish it off with my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and it lasted me about 4-5 days.

I would not buy this again but will just use it up. But if you like really sheer type of nail polish then this fits the bill. It is a kind of nail polish that is barely there and wedding appropriate. 

Have you tried white nail polish yet? Which one is your favorite?


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