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July Sale Finds

It is the sale month again and I have some great finds to share. I am mostly excited this year because I have finally budget to spend since I recently have a job hence my absence from blogosphere for two months. It is pretty hectic & intense. I am still getting used to my schedules, workload, etc. But happily I'm back now and hopefully would be regular from now on. 

I have bought a lot this month but these two are my faves. First is the bag from Zara. It caught my attention right away the moment I saw it. Although I didn't buy it right away which I almost regret because when I went back it was not there anymore when I returned to the shop but luckily I saw it again somewhere in the middle of the clothing rack. I was so relieved by then! I was already planning to buy a new crossbody bag because that is usually I go for because it is easier to bring around. The last one I bought although it really looks nice but it is just too heavy and big for me. This one from Zara has the right size and weight. Maybe it is just too small from what I am used to because I put so much things in my bag but now I have to limit it because of the size of the bag. But overall, I love the design, quality, the color and it just so pretty! I only got for 19.75 I think. I would definitely use this for years to come. I tend to buy bags once a year or every other year depends on the status of my current bag. This would be my summer/spring bag and I will still look for another one for fall/winter but that would be during sale time in december. I really prefer good quality bags because I will use it for years. Even though it is not from a fancy brand but I have a feeling it will really last long.

The second one is an Aaaahhmazing find because it was 50% off at debijenkorf Eindhoven. I was just having a quick look that time and spotted this very pretty wallet from Furla. I didn't hesitate at all because it was a perfect timing since my wallet was stolen recently. The color & design is just what I love. My old one was brown long rectangular leather one. That's what I love about this is that it can fit in a smaller bag especially my new Zara bag. I have been planning already before to have a smaller wallet because it is more handy and can easily fit every bag. The quality and design is superb! I prefer really good quality branded wallet because I am going to use them for years and years like my old one. This wallet is just so stunning and I am so lucky to have found it! Originally it is €110 but I paid only €55 for it. What a bargain! I really love going to debijenkorf during sale time because I also bought my boots and other bag for 50% off two years ago. If you love branded products but don't like to spend the full amount then debijenkorf is the best place to be during sale time because all amazing brands are 50% off and more!  

I am really happy and satisfied with what I bought this sale season. I am looking forward for the bargains in December and hopefully would find some gems once again.

What did you buy on sale?


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