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Firmoo Glasses Review

 Wearing Firmoo glasses model #LYC1146

This company mailed me if I wanted to try their glasses in exchange for a review and it was really timely because I've been wanting to change my glasses because my other one is old(since 2012). I was really surprised to see how trendy and pretty their choices on their website are and I was just really looking for a pink one and I found this and I know this would be the one.

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This is really the one I've been wanting to have. I've looked for similar designs before but it costs a lot from the well known high end brands but this costs only $25,99 + glasses/lenses with prescription! Amazing right?! My old glasses I paid 80 per glass/lens! So this will save you a lot.

The design is so sleek, chic and on trend right now. It is very light. The frame is really thin with rose gold details which I love so much! I love that it does not leave marks on my nose area which I always had with other glasses.

 I like that it feels so light that I don't have pain or marks on the back of my ears which I also had before with my old glasses. So a major plus point for me! It fits my face perfectly and got so many compliments wearing it.

I thought first I won't get to try it since I don't have my prescription from 2012 anymore but luckily I found it and scanned it and sent it to them. At first they wanted hand written prescription but here in Belgium they don't give handwritten ones anymore so I can't provide it to them so they just agreed and made my glasses. Their customer service is really helpful and replies within a day so if you have questions you can just mail them and they would assist you.

They also provided a really sturdy case with a map design. I find it cute and the inside is pink as well. Also they provide the cleaning cloth for the glasses. And also the tools to fix the screw of the glasses so really handy!

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Overall, I did have a pleasant experience with them. They send the glasses right away if you provide the prescription. It is important you give the doctor's prescription and not just your lens grade because that is different. I'm really honored they chose me and I'm really happy I have my new glasses now and see my surroundings clearly like a 3D. I always felt that every time a get a new glasses.

If you want to order this particular design. The link is here

I also made a review on youtube about it
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