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Jouer Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Powder Highlighter Trio Set 2 & Best of Lip Toppers Mini Gift Set

I've known this brand through social media and I remember the founder was even liking my posts before even if I was not posting anything related to the brand. The brand was launched in 2008 but I just knew about them recently. I've seen posts talking about them for some time now but I wasn't interested at first. But when a youtuber I follow used the Ice Highlighter from them. I immediately wanted to try it because it looked so good on her. So I searched for it in every website but it was soldout everywhere because it was a limited edition. But when beautybay had their Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, I saw while browsing their Holiday Limited Edition Sets for 2017. Fortunately, the highlighter I was looking for is part of the gift set so I was really happy that I finally purchase it plus it was on discount.

I got the:
- Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Powder Highlighter Trio Set 2 (Ice - Rose Gold - Skinny Dip)
- Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Best of Lip Toppers Mini Gift Set (Frost Bite - St. Tropez - Skinny Dip - Stardust - Rose Gold - Tan Lines - Sugar Plum)

 This is how the box looks like
Back part of the boxes

I got the Trio set Highlighters & the Best of Lip Toppers. I got Lip Toppers because I wanted to try again lip glosses since watching Kathleen Lights. She always says it will make your lips juicy. I really hated lip glosses before because they are so sticky and I've sticked to matte lipsticks ever since. But lip glosses were a hit last year and every brand was releasing their own version but it still didn't convince me not until I discovered the channel of Kathleen. She didn't particulary used these lip toppers, it was actually from a different brand. But I've seen other youtubers raving about them and saying it was not sticky so it was a go sign for me.

This is how it looks inside the box when opened

The box looks so festive and luxurious which is a nice touch. The packaging of the products are really elegant, compact and feels so expensive. The aesthetic of this brand is right up my alley. Simple yet elegant! I love how compact they are which does not take up so many space in your makeup bag. For me this is really the perfect size since I can barely hit a pan on any highlighter because I only dip my brush so lightly to get enough products I need for every application. And I use my highlighter almost everyday for a year and I only made a slight dent to it. They are 0.07 oz each which is more than enough for me. 

Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Powder Highlighter Trio Set 2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION -Three best-selling "weekender-sized" Jouer Powder Highlighters let you change up your glow on-the-go this holiday season. Mix, match, or gift to your favorite friend, these three travel-sized beauties create the ultimate "lit from within" glow.
  • Long-Wear
  • Paraben Free
  • Talc Free
Gift set includes:
  • Travel Sized Skinny Dip: Shimmering Golden Peach
  • Travel Sized Ice: Icy Holographic Pearl with Gold Reflect
  • Travel Sized Rose Gold: Shimmering Rose Gold

Swatches (Ice - Rose Gold - Skinny Dip)

The formula of these highlighters is new to me. It is metallic which I've never tried before. Personally, I don't prefer this formula compared to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit one. Metallic finish for me looks so unnatural compared to the ABH which gives me a glow from within look unlike this which is artificial looking. It looks great while filming (I made a review on my youtube channel as well if you want to check it out. I will include my video at the bottom part of this post). I still need to get used to with the formula but when I look at it after application, it feels so weird for me, too alien even. But the formula is really smooth and pigmented. Only the finish, I hope it will grow on me. The Ice Highlighter is too light for me but I can still work on it. The Rose gold is nice to mix with the Ice but the Skinny Dip is too dark to be a highlighter for my skintone. It is better for darker skin I think. They are  pretty longlasting on me and I don't need to retouch them. It still looks the same even after wearing them the whole day.

Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Best of Lip Toppers Mini Gift Set
All that glitters is JOUER. Seven deluxe minis of Jouer's best-selling Long-Wear Lip Toppers make the perfect holiday gift for every glitter lover on your list.
  • Adds shimmer and refreshes your matte lip color
  • Formulated to work with Long-Wear Lip Crème Formula
  • Keeps formula integrity longer than a standard gloss topper
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Jojoba Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, & Vitamin E
Gift set includes:
  • Mini Frost Bite: Metallic Shimmering Snowy Pearl
  • Mini Rose Gold: Metallic Shimmering Rose Gold
  • Mini Skinny Dip: Metallic Shimmering Golden Nude
  • Mini St. Tropez: Metallic Shimmering Champagne
  • Mini Stardust: Metallic Shimmering Golden Coral
  • Mini Sugar Plum: Shimmering Wine with Gold Fleck
  • Mini Tan Lines: Metallic Shimmering Bronze
This Lip Toppers are new to me as well. I've seen swatches that they are metallic but I still went for them. Originally, I just wanted a lip gloss but these gives a twist to it. I wanted also shimmering gloss which I saw the lip toppers have it. To be honest, I can't wear them alone since they are just too metallic for my liking which is expected but if applied on top of a lipstick, it really looks pretty and I really achieve the "juicy lips" look which I really love sporting right now. They are not sticky at all which I'm really glad and they are so comfortable to wear. They are the perfect formula for a gloss for me. They are indeed long lasting but does transfer so you need to retouch it after eating.

 Swatches: (Frost Bite - St. Tropez - Skinny Dip - Stardust - Rose Gold - Tan Lines - Sugar Plum)

If you want to see lip swatches please watch the video I made down below. The colors are pretty although the Tan lines is not for me. They are good combined with a lipstick but alone is too much for me. Metallic lips is a no go for me. The first 5 colors are easy to combine with any lipsticks you have. The Tan Lines is more for goddess look. I can imagine Beyonce or Rihanna wearing it and it suits darker skintone than mine. The Sugar plum I can wear it alone or on top of red lipstick or any dark lipsticks.

This is how it looks on top of MAC Whirl Lipstick ( Stardust or Skinny Dip)

Overally, I find that this brand produces great quality products. I've heard they make great liquid lipsticks as well but I've had it with liquid lipsticks now that I don't think I will get one this year. I'm more into the bullet lipsticks nowadays. But these products that I got are just too foreign for me formula wise. They are good but not really my preferred formula. I will still use them but won't buy their full size. That's why it is ideal to try the sample or mini versions first before you buy the full size because it is a waste of money when you won't like it anyway. I might try some of their products in the future. They are not too expensive brand as well. If you have any recommendations from this brand please let me know, I would love to try them. The lip toppers are really good but not all the colors I would use since they are too bold for me.

Here is the video I made for this collection


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