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Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap Cleanser Review

This facial cleanser was a big hit when it first came out. It was all over the internet! I'm not really surprised because of how beautiful this cleanser is. But you can't find any seller here in Europe and I guess no one will sell it online because it is in an aerosol can which is considered hazardous if transported via airmail. 

It is from Japan and since I'm into asian skincare, I have discovered that Japan produces great quality but affordable cleansers or skincare in general. Kanebo is the leading producer of high-quality cosmetics and skincare, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of Kao Group, a leading consumer goods, personal and home care company in Japan. They have other popular brands under them like Sensai, Lunasol and Suisai to name a few which are from different price points.

Luckily, when my friend Kriya went to Japan I asked her if she could buy one for me which she kindly gave as a gift instead. And she also got one for herself. It is not so expensive there she said. It is around €10 which is not a bad price for a not your average kind of facial cleanser. It is unique and I will tell you why.

This is how the can looks which dispenses a Rose shaped foam when you pump it.

Here is the product description I found online:

EVITA BEAUTY WHIP SOAP Its rich velvety foam appears as a charming rose for a delightful way to cleanse the face each day!
EVITA BEAUTY WHIP SOAP – through EVITA. The product comes in a special pump action bottle which dispenses a rich, velvety facial cleansing foam that blossoms out in the form of a rose.
The product was planned and created to appeal to a wide range of ages and to make facial cleansing a fun and pleasurable ritual.
Product featuresEVITA BEAUTY WHIP SOAP is a smoothly dense facial washing foam that emerges in the shape of a rose blossom that’s nicely sized for cleansing the face. It’s specially formulated to give a dewy soft finish and to help retain the skin’s moisture. As Kenichi Fukami from the skincare laboratories explains, “It took over a year of research to finally develop a cleansing foam formula that keeps its shape, thoroughly cleanses impurities and leaves the skin with a moist, dewy sensation.”It’s easy to use—just one press of the pump produces a richly dense, smooth foam that cleanses efficiently without the need to rub or scrub the face. The cleansing formula contains optimum moisturising ingredients of royal jelly extract, water-soluble collagen, dual hyaluronic acids α1, fermented rice extract, and rose water2. The lovely rose-shaped, rose-scented foam that appears with each pump evokes images of genuine damask roses which makes daily facial cleansing a delight.
This is how it looks after you press lightly for a few seconds 

I only press lightly so that there will not be excessive products going out everytime. I needed to practice doing that if I use it because I only need this kind of amount if I wash my face. And it looks prettier like this than when the foam is too high.

A cleanser never looked this pretty! I'm really amazed with the technology behind it. They really step it up with this product. They are so innovative in Japan that I can't wait what they come up with in the years to come.

The scent of this product is not strong at all. A touch of rose that is not overpowering. The formula of this is so soft and fluffy to the skin and a treat everytime I use it.

The foam stays really good almost whipped cream type or comparable to a shaving cream. It is so gentle to the face and it is a perfect morning cleanser for me rather than at night since this would be too light and I feel it won't remove my make up good. It is nondrying kind of cleanser and my face does not feel tight after which I love about it.

I highly recommend to try it if you will visit Japan. As a skincare lover myself, this was a great product that I'm glad I was able to try and enjoy. I believe this is great for people with dry skin like me since it is really gentle and quite hydrating. I will truly miss this since this was my last pump from this product and I saved it just to make this review. I will continue to try more Japanese Skincare products since they are really a staple now in my skincare routine and would watch out for more beauty innovations they are going to produce in the future. 

What are your favorite Japanese beauty products?


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